Zhou Qihao amazing feeling and spiny serve

Zhou Qihao godlike feeling

Zhou Qihao has an incredible feeling with the ball.

He can do the “Xu Xin challenge” easily. He throws the ball very high and with a lot of sidespins and catches it with the racket.


The professional players have an incredible feeling with their hands. They play like holding the ball directly with the hand.

Zhou Qihao godlike feeling with his hand
Zhou Qihao godlike feeling with his hand

The crazy serve of Zhou Qihao

In the previous video, I’ve shown you the godlike feeling of Zhou Qihao. His feeling to the ball is crazy. He plays like holding the ball with his hand.

How can he do that?



Amateur tried to return his serve

Today, I want to show his tricky serve. This serve is very very spinny. This is what you get when you try to return his serve.

journalist LiWuJin failed to return his serve
journalist LiWuJin failed to return his serve

Pro tried to return his serve

Even the professional players can’t return this serve.

Let’s try with Lin Gaoyuan.

even Lin Gaoyan can't return this tricky serve
even Lin Gaoyan can’t return this tricky serve

Luckily, this serve is illegal. It’s not allowed in competition. Otherwise, he will win the Olympics easily.

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