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Young generation table tennis players from Europe

The bright future of the young generation players from Europe.

2021 European Youth Championship

Here are the top players of Europe under 19 years old. (Germany, Poland, France, and Croatia).

The podium of ETTU European Championship 2021
The podium of ETTU European Championship 2021

In parallel with the Tokyo Olympics, the European Youth Championship (ETTU) has just ended with many promising new faces.
In the Men’s Singles event, there is a confrontation between Kay Stumper of Germany and Samuel Kulczycki of Poland. Samuel has just won the championship in the Men’s Team event. He is one of the rare young players to compete in the German Premier League. However, his opponent is Kay Stumper, the German table tennis prodigy, who is expected to replace Timo Boll and join Ovtcharov to play for the German team later. One fine day Kay Stumper even beat Ovtcharov at the Dusseldorf Master. The result was not unexpected, Kay Stumper confirmed the hegemony position in the European youth with a 4-2 victory.

The German star - young table tennis player
The German star – young table tennis player

Samuel Kulczycki only won silver, but he had a tournament with no regrets when he won the Men’s Doubles championship and the Men’s Team Championship.
This is the under 15 singles final of the 2021 European Youth Championship. The duel between Felix Lebrun (France) and Iulian Chirita (Romanian).

Under 15 European Champion

Please note that this is under 15 years old. But the level is already very good.

Felix Lebrun the champion U15 in Europe
Felix Lebrun the champion U15 in Europe

Felix Lebrun has a very good feeling. He has a very small unforced error. Romanian players are very good too. Romanian men’s team has a bright future ahead of them.

Very impressed with the level at U15. The French boy is the only non-Asian penholder player in the tournament. He’s obviously talented and already has mastered excellent skills at this age. A rising star to be considered.

Watch this video for the Final game: Felix Lebrun vs Iulian Chirita | Final U15 2021 European Youth Championship

impressive young generation table tennis players (under 15 years old)

Watch this video.


Felix Lebrun is considered the next Xu Xin of Europe. But their style is different. Xu Xin has better footwork but doesn’t use his Reverse Penhold Backhand as much as Felix. Felix’s backhand is very similar to Wang Hao. Due to his backhand, he is not moving as much as Xu Xin.

I would say these young generations of Europe have a very bright future in table tennis. Hope they can compete with the young Chinese generation players.

Under 19 European Champion

In third place are Alexis Lebrun of France and Ivor Ban of Croatia.
The Lebrun brothers of France are currently the phenomenon of European table tennis and the hope of the French team in the near future with modern and strong play.

This is the final game. Kay Stumper vs Samuel Kulczycki | FINAL | 2021 European Youth Championships

How top young European players play? (Final U19)

Watch this video.


The 2 strongest European players:

Kay Stumper
Kay Stumper
Samuel Kulczycki
Samuel Kulczycki

Ivor Ban has an impression as a copy of Pucar Tomislav senior in the Croatian team. Both have 2 claws with the body like giants and terrible power. However, Ivor Ban shows a better technical background than his senior.

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