Xu Xin vs Zhou Qihao: Who is stronger?

Xu Xin vs Zhou Qihao: Who is stronger?

Let’s check the head-to-head stats.

Xu Xin vs Zhou Qihao
Xu Xin vs Zhou Qihao

Based on the ITTF data, Xu Xin has played versus Zhou Qihao only 1 time in 2018.

At that time, Xu Xin has won 4-0.

So the answer is: Xu Xin is stronger than Zhou Qihao. Recently, Zhou Qihao has made a great performance. He has won the 1st Chinese Trial 2021 (Simulation for Tokyo Olympics). He has won Fan Zhendong in the final match.

Example match

Here is the example match of the 2019 Table Tennis Super League between Xu Xin and Zhou Qihao.

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