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Xu Chenhao playing style and equipment

Xu Chenhao is a Chinese table tennis player who was born on March 29, 1995, in Beijing. A two-time junior world champion in team and men’s doubles, as well as a bronze medalist in the individual events, he was also a two-time junior world champion in 2012.

His Chinese name is: 徐晨皓


Full name Xu Chenhao
Nationality China
Born 29 March 1995 (age 26)
Playing style Right-handed, shakehand grip
Highest ranking 80 (October 2013)
Current ranking 104 (December 2021)
Height 180 cm

Xu Chenhao equipment

Xu Chenhao used the relatively new Dignics 05 (read review/ check price 2/ check price 1) on his backhand. His forehand rubber is the DHS Hurricane 3 National Blue sponge (check price 1/ check price 2).

Xu Chenhao personal equipment
Xu Chenhao personal equipment

Xu Chenhao playing style

He is an attacking player, using a lot of sidespin serve. His serve is illegal serve. This is the study case of the illegal serve of Xu Chenhao. He hides the contact position with his head.

Here is how he hides the ball:

Illegal table tennis serve of the professional player
Illegal table tennis serve of the professional player
Fault table tennis serve (head trick of Xu Chenhao)

Watch this video.

Personal life

A group of Bayi Da Business Club members began their new jobs as salesmen in a Dalian shopping mall on May 18, 2014. The four new hires did not arrive to “stir the sauce” or instantly leave the company; they were there to learn and contribute. However, they genuinely came to live, work, and sell products. They are Wang Hao, Fan Zhendong, Zhou Yu, and Xu Chenhao.

Xu Chenhao, his coach in the national team, Xiao Zhan, and other mentors held a New Year’s Eve dinner on January 2, 2015, in Beijing.

Xu Chenhao at China Team
Xu Chenhao at China Team

Early experiences

In 2009, Xu Chenhao participated in the Table Tennis Invitational Tournament held in Beijing. The Japanese star Ai Fukuhara was also participating in the competition. In the end, Xu Chenhao won first place in the men’s second group of the competition.

Sports career

Xu Chenhao competed in a table tennis competition in Beijing in 2009, alongside Japanese Ai Fukuhara, and won first place in the boy group B division.

Xu Chenhao - Chinese National players
Xu Chenhao – Chinese National players

In 2010, he won the cadet category team title at the Asian Youth Championships and advanced to the singles quarterfinals, where he was defeated by Korea’s Kim Minhyeok of South Korea. A singles champion at the Taiyuan (China) Junior & Cadet Open-2010 and a finalist at the Chengdu (China) Junior and Cadet Open-2010, he competed in several ITTF tournaments.

In 2011, Xu Chenhao was awarded the title of Athlete.

In October 2012, Xu Chenhao participated in the National Table Tennis Championships and successfully reached the men’s singles quarterfinals.

On October 13, the National Table Tennis Championship entered the penultimate competition. The first few rounds of the men’s singles were relatively calm, but the 16-to-8 arena was frequently upset.

On February 17, 2012, Xu Chenhao entered the national team.

Xu Chenhao participated in China’s national table tennis championship in October 2012 and reached the quarterfinals in the men’s singles. Wang Hao was knocked out of the tournament by Xu Chenhao, and he also defeated Ma Lin in the group stage of the competition. Xu Chenhao made his debut for the national team on February 17, 2012.

World Junior Table Tennis Championships

Xu Chenhao represented China at the World Junior Table Tennis Championships in Hyderabad, India in December of 2012. He came away with two golds and two bronzes from the competition. It was a great year for China’s men’s and women’s teams, who both advanced to the Olympic finals.

Xu Chenhao personal life
Xu Chenhao personal life

To win the competition in the men’s doubles, Lin Gaoyuan / Xu Chenhao overcame fellow Chinese players Sheng Peng / Fan Zhendong. Xu Chenhao and Zhu Yuling took bronze in mixed doubles. Xu Chenhao competed in the national men’s table tennis team’s World Cup qualifications in December 2012 and January 2013 and finished sixth.

First place in the under-21 category and second place in the senior singles category was achieved by Xu Chenhao in an ITTF Tour Japan Open in June 2013. China Table Tennis Super League player Xu Chenhao joined Bayi Rongsheng Heavy Industry Club from 2013 to 2014.

Second-place Bayi Rongsheng Heavy Industry Club overcame Shandong Luneng Table Tennis Club 3-1 in the sixth round, with Xu Chenhao shining, defeating two opponents and Zhang Jike himself. This season, the team finished third in the men’s Super League.

Good call - Xu Xin can't see the contact point
Good call – Xu Xin can’t see the contact point of Xu Chenhao

Bayi Dashang TTC (previously Bayi Rongsheng Heavy Industry Club) re-signed Xu Chenhao in 2014, and the two teamed forces once again to compete in the Chinese Super League. Xu Chenhao made his debut this season in the second round, and he performed a fantastic job of controlling the issue. victory over Zhang Chao was easy, and the score was 3-0 (11: 5, 11: 7, and 11: 6).

Second place in the men’s national table tennis championship went to Xu Chen Hao in November 2014, who competed with a team of eight PLA athletes. He took on Zhao Zihao, a 17-year-old, in the men’s final. It was Zhao Zihao who grabbed command of the first set, winning it 11-5 after a 5-1 start. Xu Chenhao won a complete run of points 7-0 in the second set, after 4-4, and went on to win 11-4.

Finally, Xu Chenhao defeated Zhao Zihao with a score of 3-1 after winning two more sets, 11-8 and 11-5.

The second-place finish in the Chinese Super League was Xu Chenhao’s goal when he joined Bayi in September 2015. China’s Xu Chenhao helped the team square the score during a tie break during the semi-finals before losing the final. Xu Chen Hao and Zhou Yu made it all the way to the final four of the 2015 National Table Tennis Championships as men’s doubles representatives of the People’s Republic of China.

They beat Yan An and Shang Kun in the 1/8 finals, then Zhou Yu and Xu Chenhao in the quarter-finals, and finally Ma Long and Xu Zin in the semi-finals; they finished in the last four.

Xu Chenhao vs Lin Shidong Men's Singles 1/8 Finals

Watch this video.

He competed in the national table tennis event for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in September 2016 and finished in third place (against Team Jiangsu). Xu Chenhao represented Bayi in the Chinese Super League tournament for the fourth time in October-December 2016 and became the first player to win the men’s title in a single match.

As a team, Xu Chenhao and Zhou Yu completed the team challenge in doubles and were tremendous extra points for Fan Zhendong, who had two personal points in this tournament.

Fan Zhendong’s teammates in doubles, who came in after he had taken two points in singles, were crucial in the team’s victories as well. The Zhou Yu / Xu Chenhao pairing was also the first in the Chinese Super League’s pair rankings in this tournament.

This year Xu Chenhao competed in the Marvelous 12 team cycle and qualified for the 2017 World Cup in Düsseldorf by participating in three cycles in early 2017. Although Xu Chenhao finished a respectable third in both of the first two large cycles, losing out to Xu Xin in the second stage of the group tour meant that he failed to qualify for the World Cup.

(Semifinals) Xu Xin vs Xu Chenhao 2021

Watch this video.

When he competed with Zhou Kai at the Chinese National Doubles Championship on September 15, 2018, he finished second. Zhou Kai / Xu Chenhao reached the final of the World Army Games table tennis tournament on October 24, 2019, losing 4-1 against Fan Zhendong / Zhou Yu.

While playing with Shanghai Real Estate Group, he finished third in the Chinese Super League in 2020.

He defeated Ma Long in the quarterfinals of the Chinese WTT Trials and Olympic Simulation-2021 (stage 2) in 2021 and advanced to the semifinals of the men’s singles in that tournament.

Coach evaluation

Coach Wang Tao said about Xu Chenhao

“In this competition (2012 National Championship), Xu Chenhao defeated his senior brother Wang Hao. Although these young players have yet to polish their skills and psychology, they will surely achieve better results in time.”

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