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World Team Table Tennis Championships WTTTC at Chengdu 2022

2022 World Team Table Tennis Championships will begin on Friday, September 30, 2022 and ends on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

The China Table Tennis Association announced the selection method for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships. The top four in the world will be directly shortlisted, and 6 men and 7 women will compete for the fifth person qualification.

How China select the best players for Chengdu 2022

Today, the China Table Tennis Association announced the selection method for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships team competition.

WTTTC Chengdu 2022 logo

WTTTC Chengdu 2022 logo. It is clear in the selection method that based on the latest world rankings announced by the ITTF on August 23, 2022, four players each with the highest singles rankings will directly qualify for the men’s and women’s team competitions in the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships.

The mascot of Chengdu

The mascot of Chengdu WTTT 2022 is the Panda PingPong, which is simulated from Ma Long’s winning gesture.

The men’s team

In this way, the men’s team Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Liang Jingkun and Wang Chuqin. I’m not sure if Xu Xin will participate on this World Table Tennis Team Championships or not.

The women’s team Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu and Wang Yidi qualified for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships.

China Men Team for Tokyo Olympics
China Men Team for Tokyo Olympics

In addition, Chinese athletes ranked within the top 50 in the world and Chinese athletes who won the 2022 Middle East Series and the Hungarian Summer Series singles champion will be eligible to compete for the fifth person in the team competition.

According to the rules, the men’s team’s Lin Gaoyuan, Xiang Peng, Yuan Licen, Liu Dingshuo, Lin Shidong, and Zhao Zihao’s six male players.

The official line up of China Team

The Chinese men’s team includes for CHENGDU 2022:

Ma Long – Fan Zhendong – Wang Chuqin – Liang Jingkun and Lin Gaoyuan.

Lin Gaoyuan in China Men's Team
Lin Gaoyuan in China Men’s Team

Xu Xin is absent!

With a squad like this, it is very difficult for the Chinese team to win a silver medal. (Of course, they will win GOLD, hahaha)

Ma Long will play at WTTTC Chengdu

Based on the latest news about Ma Long, he will join WTTTC Chengdu.

Ma Long Xu Xin Dimitrij Ovtcharov
Ma Long Xu Xin Dimitrij Ovtcharov

The best team ever

Qin Zhijian, secretary general of the Chinese Table Tennis Association and head coach of the men’s team, said: “This year the team has participated in several international series, and basically the players have played many international competitions and directly confronted their main opponents. On this premise The latest world ranking basically reflects the real strength of our team members. Therefore, after our coaching team discussed it, we decided to follow the world ranking by unanimous vote. On the basis of selecting the top four to be directly shortlisted for the World Table Tennis Championships lineup, we will come up with a quota.”

The Chinese table tennis team, which is training in a closed training camp in Chengdu, will use the gap between the closed training to hold a trial for the last place in the team competition. The trials for the men’s and women’s teams are based on the best-of-five round-robin format.

Unlike the men’s team, which directly selects 1 out of 6 to produce the fifth player in the team competition, the women’s team divides the competition for the last list into two domestic and foreign lines based on the actual situation in the team.

The women’s team

The women’s team’s seven female players, Fan Siqi, Zhang Rui, Liu Weishan, Kuaiman, Chen Xingtong, He Zhuojia, and Qian Tianyi, will be The fifth person qualification of the team competition will be contested.

Fan Siqi, Zhang Rui, Liu Weishan, Kuai Man, and He Zhuojia, who have undergone closed training in Chengdu, will participate in the round-robin competition. The champion of the round-robin competition will be qualified for the World Table Tennis Championships team competition.

China Women Team for this Tokyo Olympics
China Women Team for this Tokyo Olympics

And Chen Xingtong and Qian Tianyi will compete by participating in the Oman Regular Challenge (September 4-September 10, in Muscat, Oman). According to the selection method, if any of the two wins the women’s singles championship, they will directly qualify for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships women’s team. If neither of them wins the women’s singles championship in the Oman regular challenge, the champion of the five-member selection team will qualify for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships women’s team.

“The women’s team has a large lead among the top four in the world, and the focus of selection is on the fifth player.” The women’s team coach Li Xun said when interpreting the selection method, “Chen Xingtong and Qian Tianyi withdrew due to their health and local epidemic prevention policies. The WTT Tunisia Challenge failed to meet the main team in Chengdu, and will participate in a series of competitions.

Who has the best performance at WTTTC 2022 Chengdu

Here is the list of the best performance players at World Team Table Tennis Championship.

The best performance player is Tomokazu Harimoto. He has played 12 matches, and won 11 matches. The score ration is 34/9.

The best ratio player is Ma Long. He has won 7 matches with the super score 21-3.

For the women side, the best performance player is Jian ZENG from Singapore. The next best performance is Chen Meng, with the score of 7-0. And Chen Meng won everyone with the perfect score 3-0. That’s why the score is 21-0 for Chen Meng.

Such an amazing performance of Chen Meng. She hasn’t lose any set in WTTTC Chengdu.

What are the teams at Chengdu 2022

The following 40 men’s and women’s teams will be vying for one of the sport’s most coveted titles. The teams will be divided into eight groups. Each group of five teams will play a complete round-robin competition. Then, a final knock-out phase will be played with the winners of each group and the teams placing second.
Men’s Teams* Women’s Teams*
China (host) China (host)
Egypt (Africa) Egypt (Africa)
Nigeria  (Africa) Nigeria  (Africa)
Algeria  (Africa) Tunisia  (Africa)
Togo (Africa) Mauritius (Africa)
Republic of Korea (Asia) Japan (Asia)
Chinese Taipei (Asia) Republic of Korea (Asia)
India (Asia) Hong Kong, China  (Asia)
Japan (Asia) Singapore (Asia)
Islamic Republic of Iran (Asia) India (Asia)
Singapore (Asia) Thailand  (Asia)
Hong Kong, China (Asia) Chinese Taipei (Asia)
Kazakhstan (Asia) Kazakhstan (Asia)
Saudi Arabia (Asia) Islamic Republic of Iran (Asia)
Thailand (Asia) Uzbekistan (Asia)
Germany (Europe) Germany (Europe)
Russia** (Europe) Romania (Europe)
Sweden (Europe) France (Europe)
Denmark (Europe) Portugal (Europe)
England (Europe) Austria (Europe)
Austria (Europe) Ukraine (Europe)
Czech Republic (Europe) Poland (Europe)
Romania (Europe) Luxembourg (Europe)
Portugal (Europe) Hungary (Europe)
France (Europe) Russia** (Europe)
Croatia (Europe) Netherlands (Europe)
Brazil (PANAM) Brazil  (PANAM)
Chile (PANAM) Canada (PANAM)
Argentina (PANAM) United States of America (PANAM)
United States of America (PANAM) Chile (PANAM)
Canada (PANAM) Puerto Rico (PANAM)
Puerto Rico (PANAM) Argentina (PANAM)
Australia (Oceania) Australia (Oceania)
New Zealand (Oceania) Vanuatu (Oceania)
Tunisia (Intercontinental, Africa) Algeria (Intercontinental, Africa)
Uzbekistan  (Intercontinental, Asia) Indonesia (Intercontinental, Asia)
Slovenia (Intercontinental, Europe) Sweden (Intercontinental, Europe)
Peru (Intercontinental, PANAM) Guatemala (Intercontinental, PANAM)
Vanuatu (Intercontinental, Oceania) Fiji Islands (Intercontinental, Oceania)
Belgium (Intercontinental, Team World Ranking) Korea DPR (Intercontinental, Team World Ranking)


Ma Long’s physical training to prepare for this tournament

This is how Ma Long is preparing for this tournament. This is a very important tournament.


Ma Long prepares for WTTTC Chengdu 2022

Watch this video.


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