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WTT Singapore Smash 2022

With the first-ever men’s and women’s singles line-ups for Singapore Smash unveiled today, the greatest players in the world will converge on the city from March 7-20, 2022.

Fan Zhendong and Ma Long at WTT Smash 2022

WTT Cup Finals Singapore is where Fan Zhendong clinched the year-end championship three months ago when he defeated Tomokazu Harimoto. Ma Long, a Chinese icon, will join Fan in Singapore for the first time since Tokyo 2020. The two-time Olympic Men’s Singles gold medalist is a fan favorite, providing star power to an already stellar lineup of world-class talent. GOAT.

Top players at WTT Smash
Top players at WTT Smash

WTT Grand Smash Singapore 2022

The main draw for the event will be held from March 11 to 20 and will feature 64 players for men and women’s singles, 24 pairs for men and women’s doubles, and 16 pairs for mixed doubles. From March 7 to 9, 2022, a 64-Draw qualification competition will be held. Awarded 2,000 ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking Points.

WTT Smash
WTT Smash

The prize pool

Singapore will make more table tennis history next month when it hosts the inaugural WTT Grand Smash. Singapore Sports Hub will host world-class table tennis action. WTT is working closely with the authorities to ensure the event is securely managed.

A new era begins. The new WTT Series is built on Grand Smashes, and Singapore Smash will be the first of the four pillars of professional table tennis. The world’s top players will fight for a USD2,000,000 prize pool, the most ever at an official table tennis event. The men’s and women’s singles champions will each receive USD100,000, while losers will share in over 40% of the prize money available.

What is WTT Grand Smash?

WTT Grand Smash is the new form of competition of WTT. WTT wants to revolutionize the way table tennis is played and absorbed globally, while offering fans with cutting-edge technology and unique experiences that will increase their interest and awareness. It has created a new event framework with a clear path from Day 1 to World Number 1. Grand Smashes will be the foundation of the WTT Series, which will include the sport’s greatest and brightest table tennis players.

In the words of WTT Managing Director Matt Pound,

“Grand Smashes are our highest honors. Winning one will become every table tennis player’s goal, and we can’t wait to see who will be our first Smash Champions. Sport Singapore has been a great help. It was the right inaugural host after the success of WTT Cup Finals last December, and we look forward to providing another world-class event.”

Grand Smashes have their own logo to honor their host. An famous skyline in red, with Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer as well as the ArtScience Museum and Changi Airport Control Tower is the Singapore Smash logo. This logo represents WTT’s desire to make the Singapore Smash a national event.

Singapore SMASH 2022
Singapore SMASH 2022

WTT Cup Finals in December showed great spectator interest in top level table tennis action in Singapore. We are honored that WTT chose Singapore to host the inaugural WTT Grand Smash. This demonstrates Singapore’s ability and stature as a regional athletic destination. Sport Singapore is pleased to partner WTT on this major event.

Sport Singapore CEO Lim Teck Yin.

“Playing the WTT Cup Finals at home was a fantastic experience,” remarked Singapore’s Feng Tianwei. During the Singapore Smash, the World No. 9 will aim for new heights “The pandemic has been difficult for many athletes, so every chance to compete again is valuable. Singapore Smash will be a new level. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and allowed us to compete at the top level.”

Timo Boll and Tomokazu Harimoto also participate

Some of the biggest names in the game, like Hugo Calderon, Timo Boll, and Quadri Aruna are ready to rumble in Singapore. Third-ranked Calderano became the first player from Latin America to win a WTT trophy, while Aruna rose to the highest-ever ranking by an African player in the event’s history.

Men's single player
Men’s single player

A Grand Smash victory might be on the horizon for record-breaking eight-time European Champion Boll, while Tomokazu Harimoto will be vying for yet another spectacular chapter in his already impressive career. Everyone wants to go down in history as someone who made a difference.

Darko Jorgic, Truls Moregard, and Kanak Jha are just some of the rising stars. Unpredictability and excitement will be added to the table thanks to their zeal and fearlessness. As seen by his fantastic performance at the Olympics and his final appearance at WTT Star Contender Doha last year, Jorgic has developed into a formidable player while Jha has demonstrated his ability to compete with the best.

Even at the top, Moregard hasn’t been shy about stepping up for major events. As a WTT champion from Hungary, the Swede made it to the World Table Tennis Champions Final in Houston via sheer guts and drive. Check out the entire list of Men’s Singles contestants to see who else is competing, as well as a few familiar faces.

Chen Meng, Mima Ito but not Liu Shiwen

Sun Yingsha, the new world number one, is the clear favorite after winning in Singapore last year. The win helped her dethrone Olympic Champion Chen Meng in the standings. The Chinese contingent includes Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi, Chen Xingtong, and Liu Shiwen. The sextet’s greatest opponents will be Feng, Mima Ito, Hina Hayata, and Kasumi Ishikawa, Hong Kong’s Doo Hoi Kem, and Korea’s Jeon Jihee. All top-10 ranked, eager to battle their great competitors.

Women's single player
Women’s single player

Mariam Elhodaby is among the top 50 players, which also includes Cheng I-Ching, Adriana Diaz, Petrissa Solja, and Bruna Takahashi. The 21-year-old joins the contest as a continental winner, partnering with Egyptian Dina Meshref in receiving an automatic admission into the main draw.

See the complete Women’s Singles list.

Singapore players

Singapore’s Feng Tianwei and Yu Mengyu will be hoping to impress the home audience with their lively style of play, with Feng hoping to improve on last year’s performance.

Feng Tianwei said:

“Playing the WTT Cup Finals at home was an amazing experience, and I loved having all my fans cheering me on. Singapore Smash will be at a new level. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and allowed us to compete at the top level.”


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