Nice Table Tennis Artworks of Yu Ju Yen

Wonderful Table Tennis Drawing and Artworks

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Today, I want to present to you one of the best drawing and artworks collection about table tennis.

The author of these nice drawing

The creator of this drawing is Ms. Yu Ju Yen (Ruby Yen). With her permission, I want to promote these artworks to many table tennis lovers all over the world.

Author Yu Ju Yen
Author Yu Ju Yen

And here is the artist, Ms. Yu Ju Yen. A very talented artist. She comes from Taiwan.

Drawing of top table tennis players

Guess who is this young player?

Zhang Jike at the young age
Zhang Jike at the young age

He is, of course, our champion Zhang Jike (one of the most successful players in the world).

Zhang Jike
Zhang Jike

And this little girl?

Mima Ito and Miu Hirano
Mima Ito and Miu Hirano

Mima Ito (the new trend in female playing style)

And now, take your coffee and enjoy the amazing drawing of your favorite table tennis players!

This “guy” is my favorite!

Liu Guoliang the head of China Team
Liu Guoliang the head of China Team

And what is yours?

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