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Will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long?

Will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long? Based on the head-to-head stats, Ma Long is stronger than Fan Zhendong. But recently, Fan Zhendong started to defeat Ma Long more.

The main question is: will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long in the near future?

Who is better?

Comparing Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong is like comparing Messi vs Ronaldo. Fan Zhendong is stronger than Ma Long in the next 5 years, but I don’t mind because Ma Long has accomplished everything he can.

ma long fan zhendong olympics
ma long Fan Zhendong Olympics

He now has all of the titles, a large family, and a large sum of money. That’s perhaps why he lost a little of his aggressiveness and attention, but that’s to be expected. Now he can relax. Fan Zhendong is still hungry because he doesn’t have the Grand Slam title. The question of who is better is no longer relevant.


Is it still necessary for Ma Long to be the superior player? No, the answer is no.

Tokyo Olympics 2020, Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong

Ma Long became the most successful Olympic table tennis player in history with his two gold medals in Tokyo, which were regarded as “perfection,” adding to his legendary status.

ma long has defeated fan zhendong in the Tokyo Olympics final
Ma Long has defeated Fan Zhendong in the Tokyo Olympics final

Olympic gold medalist, Ma Long’s accomplishments in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium have left Chinese Table Tennis Association president Liu Guoliang speechless. “There are no words to describe Ma Long,” he said.

People who seek perfection will find it here. He has a distinct personality. He not only does what he sets out to do, but he also goes above and beyond what others have hoped he would accomplish. He’s never let someone down.


Ma defended his men’s singles title by defeating teammate Fan Zhendong, making him the first player to do so.

Paris Olympics 2024, who will win?

Guangdong’s first China National Games 2021 men’s table tennis gold medal in 24 years went to World No. 1 Fan Zhendong after he overcame Ma Long, his international colleague, in the semifinals.

will Ma Long play in Paris 2024?
will Ma Long play in Paris 2024?

As a member of China’s men’s team that defeated Germany, defending Olympic champion Ma Long met top seed Fan Zhendong in Tokyo for men’s singles finals.

In the next Paris Olympics 2024, who will take the Gold Medal? Is it Fan Zhendong’s era?

When there’s nothing on the line, it’s difficult to determine when they’re playing each other. This type of free-style play encourages players to try out new shots.

Ma Long has a super-strong forehand! Which is stronger than Fan Zhendong’s forehand!

Fan Zhendong’s golden era will come

When they’re truly competing, however, Ma Long appears to outlast Fan Zhendong in many of their quick rallies.

Both players are outstanding at attacking quickly. However, Ma Long’s charisma puts him ahead of the pack for the time being.

Ma Long men’s team final between at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Ma Long men’s team final between at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Ma Long is stronger than Fan Zhendong.

It will soon change!

Ma Long and Fan Zhendong’s Chinese forehand rubber

The Chinese chose harder rubbers and boosting, which allowed them to boost/soften to their level, allowing each player to progress and boost to cater for their power. Softer rubbers were used by the Japanese and Germans, which meant they couldn’t create full power without bottoming out the rubbers.

DSH hurricane 3 chinese forehand rubber with blue and orange sponge (3)
DSH hurricane 3 Chinese forehand rubber with the blue and orange sponge (3)

The Chinese players are a couple of years ahead of the Japanese and German players, with well-developed preparation and recovery for those harder rubbers.

DSH hurricane 3 chinese forehand rubber with blue and orange sponge (4)
DSH hurricane 3 Chinese forehand rubber with the blue and orange sponge (4)

Some would argue that the equipment was allowed to evolve without constraints. They made a mistake by limiting thickness but not hardness.

So, what’s next? Color rubbers?

Both are so powerful and fast

The speed of the game between the world’s top two players is hypersonic! However, this is the PRC Men’s Team A, and it is for this reason that they have been at the top for so long.

The crazy fast rally from both players – Ma Long and Fan Zhendong!



Will the new ball favor Fan Zhendong?

Between 2012 and 2016, Ma Long is stronger than Fan Zhendong. Also noted was the spiky nature of the ball, as well as the lack of a major high kick. That suggested it was the original celluloid ball, rather than the ABS one, which would be slightly slower (not by much with the professionals).

Fan Zhendong - the new leader in table tennis
Fan Zhendong – the new leader in table tennis

They would also not be employing the same strategies now. They had to play a little closer to the table with the ABS ball and use chop blocks as a surprise move to take advantage of the tougher material in the ball, which was less susceptible to spin and had a significantly higher bounce.

As can be seen, both players can adjust when competing in today’s events. CTTA (Chinese Table Tennis Association) made certain that the squad received the greatest scouting, coaching, and tactics possible, based on their individual skills.

Variation is the key

Ma Long appears to be more relaxed and in command. In modern table tennis, you need to have tactical variations.

Ma Long serve - key variation
Ma Long serve – key variation

I’d say these two are the top two strongest players: Fan Zhendong is technically superior to Ma Long because his forehand and backhand are perfectly balanced and powerful, and he has a 99 percent ideal posture, yet Ma Long is stronger on the forehand than the backhand.

As a result, in various match strategies, Fan Zhendong prefers to attack with power on the forehand side of the Ma Long.

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