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Why Tomokazu Harimoto lost in the Tokyo Olympics 2020

In this Tokyo Olympics, there are many upsets. I won’t call it the upset. But I would call it the unknown elements. 5 years have passed. Any many things have changed.

In the previous video, I’ve warned that we should take a close look at Darko Jorgic. He is the new generation with a very aggressive and powerful playing style.

Tomokazu Harimoto lost in Tokyo Olympics 2020
Tomokazu Harimoto lost in Tokyo Olympics 2020
Darko Jorgic beat Tomokazu 4-2 in Tokyo Olympics
Darko Jorgic beat Tomokazu 4-3 in Tokyo Olympics

The level of the players will approach closer. Chinese players, Japanese players will encounter more and more difficulty playing with foreign players. This is a good sign of table tennis.

Darko Jorgić (23 years old) is a Slovenian table tennis player. His backhand is considered one of the strongest backhands in the world.

Darko Jorgic made a great performance in Tokyo Olympics (3)
Darko Jorgic made a great performance in Tokyo Olympics (3)

Why Tomokazu Harimoto lost to Darko Jorgic?

Tomokazu Harimoto often has difficulty versus the backhand dominant player. Like Liam Pitchford, who has won Tomokazu Harimoto.

Liam Pitchford has beaten Tomokazu Harimoto previously
Liam Pitchford has beaten Tomokazu Harimoto previously

The playing style of Tomokazu Harimoto relies on a quick backhand-backhand counter-attack. So if he encounters a similar playing style, then who has a stronger backhand will win.


You can watch this video for my full analysis:



Many players said that the match between Liam Pitchford and Tomokazu is interesting. However, the backhand of Darko Jorgic is even faster and more powerful. Darko Jorgic has won Liam Pitchford 4-2 in the previous round.

The playing style of Darko Jorgic is well-known in Europe. He has a very strong backhand, even far from the table. European players are well-known for the backhand dominant style. His style is very powerful, but high risk and high reward.

If Tomokazu Harimoto can’t change the pace of the game, then he will have a lot of trouble.

I’ve seen the game LIVE. And I can say with you that Darko Jorgic’s backhand is very powerful. And I feel that Tomokazu Harimoto is a little surprised. He should travel and play versus many younger European styles.

In another match, Ma Long has won Simon Gauzy 4-1.

Ma Long vs Simon Gauzy (2)
Ma Long vs Simon Gauzy (2)

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