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Why Tomokazu Harimoto lost at WTTC 2021?

Tomokazu Harimoto is defeated by Dyjas Jakub of Poland, in this Houston WTTC 2021.

Tomokazu Harimoto is out at WTTC 2021

Yes, Number five in the world is out! The world table tennis championship 2021 has many upsets. Tomokazu Harimoto was already stopped in his first match – from Jakub Dyjas, who placed 60 ranking positions behind him. About Harimoto’s early elimination despite being the 2nd seed of the tournament.

Jakub Dyjas 4 - 3 Tomokazu Harimoto
Jakub Dyjas 4 – 3 Tomokazu Harimoto

But why?

why Tomokazu Harimoto lost in this WTTC?

University entrance exam

Harimoto was studying for the university entrance exam, and table tennis and studying probably distracted Harimoto. However, this reason is not too much of a concern, as a professional national player, it should not be the main reason.

Tomokazu Harimoto lost in World Table Tennis Championship Houston 2021 (4)
Tomokazu Harimoto lost in World Table Tennis Championship Houston 2021 (4)

Too tense

Psychology, this is old, shouting is one of the ways that table tennis coaches advise to relieve stress, but now carrying the world’s top 3 table tennis world ranking, the pressure is greater. Tomokazu Harimoto should find another way to deal with the pressure.

Why Tomokazu Harimoto lost [World Table Tennis Championships Houston 2021]

Watch this video.

Too focused on China

Tomokazu has too focused on confronting China, forgetting that Harimoto has the seed of high ranking. If he wants to meet the fans Zhendong, Liang Jing Kun, Wang Chuqin, Harimoto must overcome the European challenges. European players become stronger and stronger now.

Most recently, Harimoto Tomokazu lost to Darko Jogic at the Tokyo Olympics.

Why Tomokazu Harimoto lost in Tokyo Olympics?

Watch this video.

Speed or Power?

Harimoto is 18 years old this year, his arm span height is much different. He is now 1m80 tall, too tall if he wants to play fast, Harimoto should improve the power of the shot. I still remember that when he was just a little kid. He has defeated everyone.

He needs to choose the right direction. Choose using speed to win, or use power (like Chinese style) to win? Choosing the right playing style is very important for his career.

Is it the end of the prodigy, Tomokazu Harimoto? Will he be the next leader of the Japan team? Let’s see in the future.

Tomokazu Harimoto lost in World Table Tennis Championship Houston 2021 (5)
Tomokazu Harimoto lost in World Table Tennis Championship Houston 2021 (5)

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