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Why Ma Long is so strong in Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Why Ma Long is so strong in Tokyo Olympics 2020? Let’s analyze Ma Long’s performance in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Ma Long is the best table tennis player

You have the answer. The answer to this question is “Who is the best table tennis player of all time?”

Some players will say. It’s Zhang Jike. It’s Fan Zhendong. It’s J. O. Waldner. It’s Timo Boll. It’s Liu Guoliang or Xu Xin. No, it’s no doubt, Ma Long.

Today, superstars Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, and Dimitrij Ovtcharov complete the Men’s Singles TableTennis at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

This is the best Olympics ever. I wish that there are 4 Gold medals. Because both 4 players today are amazing.

Ma Long defeated Dima 4-3.
Fan Zhendong beat Lin YunJu 4-3.
Dima beat Lin Yun-Ju 4-3.
Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong 4-2.

All of these matches are very close. So these 4 players have a similar chance to get the medals at this Olympics.

Watch this video:

Why Ma Long is so strong in Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Watch this video.



Ma Long at 32 years old
Ma Long at 32 years old

The victory sees Ma Long break new ground. He becomes the first-ever double Olympic champion in the Men’s Singles category, having also struck gold at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Disappointed to miss out on this occasion, Fan Zhendong takes home silver. Still, he has enjoyed a fine outing on his Olympic debut, falling just short to a most worthy champion.

Fan Zhendong at 24 years old
Fan Zhendong at 24 years old

Fan Zhendong said,

“I had my chances but just couldn’t take them today. Although I could not win a gold medal, I still managed to win Silver on my Olympics debut, so that is something I can be proud of. There can only be one champion in a competition. I have to continue working hard as there are still certain aspects of my game which can be improved,”

Very hard to predict Ma Long’s performance

In this final, I have learned 2 lessons. My predictions were wrong.

Number 1. The Chinese coaches let the players decide the outcome of the matches. There is no match-fixing. No internal sharing medal between Chinese players. So this is the occasion to confirm this statement. Not only me but also we can be assured that our players are free to decide their destiny.

The podium at Tokyo Olympics 2020
The podium at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Number 2. Never underestimate Ma Long. In table tennis, age is not the problem. Ma Long, world ranking number 3, at 32 years old can continue to dominate table tennis. He defeated Fan Zhendong, 24 years old, 8 years younger. Ma Long is always been the true leader of the China Team. No need to worry about him. Always trust him.

Ma Long is so strong
Ma Long is so strong

My final conclusion is “no prediction will work on Ma Long”. It’s better not to predict the performance of Ma Long. Because he is “GOAT”, the greatest of all time.

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