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Who is the best choppers in table tennis?

Ma Long is the best attacker of all time. But who is the best defender of all time? Please read below. Today, let’s enjoy the beauty of the defensive style in table tennis. The top defenders in table tennis. Who is the best defensive player in table tennis

The best choppers in table tennis

Joo Se Hyuk of South Korea is the best chopper in table tennis. He is the finalist in Men’s Singles at the 2003 World Championships. Hou Yingchao is one of the top players in the Russian Super League. Ruwen Filus of Germany, who is considered by some the best chopper in the world.

Chen Weixing of Austria (formerly of China), Panagiotis Gionis of Greece, Liu Song of Argentina, (the best chopper in the Western Hemisphere), Wang Xi, one of the dominant players in the German League, Wang Yang of Slovakia (he is playing in Pro A, in France).

Here is the best chopper in table tennis:

  • 07 Chen Weixing
  • 06 Masato Shiono
  • 05 Wang Yang
  • 04 Ding Song
  • 03 Ma Te
  • 02 Hou Yingchao
  • 01 Joo Se-Hyuk


Chen Weixing
Chen Weixing

Chen Weixing is an Austrian table tennis player of Chinese origin.

He found it difficult to be selected in China’s competitive national team. He made it to the top 15 but the opportunity to play at a world-class level was limited. Therefore, he decided to venture to Europe, first to Hungary, then Germany then Austria.

06 Masato Shiono

Masato Shiono
Masato Shiono

Masato Shiono is a fantastic Chopper. He is a Japanese defender. Masato Shiono (塩野 真人) is a Japanese table tennis player. He plays defensive style. Chops the ball with long pips from the backhand side and chops, topspins and pushes the ball from the forehand side with inverted rubber. Masato Shiono game is very entertaining, reminds a lot of Koji Matsushita.

05 Wang Yang

Wang Yang is a Slovak table tennis player of Chinese origin. He competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the men’s singles event.

04 Ding Song

Ding Song
Ding Song

Ding Song is a former male Chinese table tennis player, he is famous due to his “modern defensive” style. He is best known for having defeated Peter Karlsson in the men’s team final of the World Table Tennis Championships in 1995.

03 Ma Te

Ma Te
Ma Te

It’s likely he’s the best chopper in the world since he’s currently on the Chinese National Team.

02 Hou Yingchao

Hou Yingchao is a Chinese table tennis player who plays a chopping style. He played in the 2019 All China Table Tennis Championships, and by beating Wang Chuqin 4–0 in the final, he became the tournament’s oldest ever champion. He first won the tournament in 2000.

01 Joo Se-Hyuk

Joo Sae-hyuk is a South Korean table tennis player. As a singles player, he was a silver medalist at the 2003 World Table Tennis Championships.

He is one of the few top-ranked players in the world to play a primarily defensive style, repeatedly returning the ball with heavy backspin on both wings.

Overview of the best defensive players in table tennis

Here is the list of the top defensive players in table tennis.Hou Yingchao is a very good player. He won  2 times China national champion, 20 years apart.

best defensive players in table tennis

Watch this video.


Some players proposed the list:

1. Koji Matsushita 2. JSH 3. Ruwen Filus 4. Hou Jingchao 5. Panagiotis Gionis 6. Dietmar Palmi.

Some other proposed: Joo Se Hyuk > Ruwen Filus > (the rest)

Masato Shiono, Koji Matsushita, and Wu Yang for the female side are very fun to watch. Despite aggressive players being topmost of the time. I’m really glad people play choppers as it makes the game more interesting to watch. Koji Matsushita. I really like Satoshi Aida, Gustaf Ericson, and Lee Seung Jun’s unique defensive style as well. They aren’t as good as top defenders but they’re very exciting to watch. Another player is Evgueni Chtchetinine. Classic defender from Belarus.

There is another top Chinese chopper. Chen Xinhua, the one defender who consistently made the Chinese team in major competition in the small-ball era, when spin and speed were even greater. No one can surpass Joo See Hyuk. He is considered one of the best defensive players.

Why it is harder for the chopper nowadays

I think the new ball changed defense, you could put way more spin on the ball while chopping, but now even the strongest chops can be looped back because the plastic ball doesn’t have as much spin. So now you have to put more pace on the ball and care more about placement, defending in the modern age is way harder in my opinion.


New balls can’t produce much spin as the previous ones. ​It’s harder for a defender with the new ball now.

So it’s the modern defensive style. You need to attack more to win. New balls produce comparatively less spin and it also kind of bounces a bit more.


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