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Where to practice table tennis in France

Where to train table tennis in France? I will present a very good training camp in France, “GV HENNEBONT Tennis de table” training center.

List of table tennis clubs in France

I have published a list of all table tennis clubs and training centers in France. You can check it here.

Training in France for young players

I player has emailed me. He asked:

Dear coach EmRatThich
website made with great effort. Many thanks.
Meantime, we are thinking to come france in june 2022 with son national level player.
Please advice a way to improve him a lot in this visit by attending a coaching camp you can recommend in France or EU in said 2 week duration. This my dream.
wish good health and prosperity in 2022

Here is his email:

email of the player to me
email of the player to me

Practice table tennis in France

A player from Israel has emailed me:

Dear coach ERT,
My son, is a really big fan of you.
He adores you and says your videos are better than any live coach (I told him not to say it in front of his personal coach…😅).
We’re from Israel, he is ranked on the top players in our country for his age at table tennis.
I was wondering, if theres a possibility that he would fly to France(with me or his dad) and stay in hotel near by, and practice with you a few times between the 3th of June till the 6th of June?
It’s really his dream to come practice with you, if it would be a possibility, that would be absolutely magnificent.

Wow. Thank you very much.

I’m a table tennis coach in a small club in France. The club facility is not really good for external players.

But I know a very good training center in France. It’s is GVHTT Hennebont, one of the best training centers for foreign players.

The coach is the professional coach. They play in the pro-A in France.

I’ve played in this training center, it’s amazing.

You can also play for several weeks. And the price is rather reasonable, not too expensive.

You can search on Google “practice in France pingsunday” for more information.

train in france pingsunday
train in france pingsunday

Table Tennis Camp GV. HENNEBONT – Training in Table Tennis

Where to find the training camp?


Three options are available:

  • during school vacations.
  • during the summer.
  • during the weekend.

The coach

The main coach is coach Boris ABRAHAM (he is the professional coach for team Pro A, in France).


The technical members of the team will help you to enhance your game by providing you with the opportunity to learn from their years of experience. Table tennis as a whole will be handled by a specialized coach with expertise in technique, strategy, and physiology.

Here is the video about the coach:

Watch this video.


Coach profile:


– French team champion with Hennebont (2005)

– 1/2 finalist of the Nancy Evan’s European Cup (2005)

– French team champion with Hennebont (2006)

– French team champion with Hennebont (2007)

– French team champion with Hennebont (2009)

– 1/2 finalist of the Champions League (2009)

– Vice-champion of France by the team with Hennebont (2012)

– 1/2 finalist of the ETTU CUP with Hennebont (2012)

– Vice-champion of France by the team with Hennebont (2015)


Other coaches:

The fee of the training camp

The formulas:

  • Full pension: with accommodation, with breakfast, with one or two training sessions, with one or two meals.
  • Half-pension: without accommodation, with lunch, with one or two training sessions.
  • External: with one or two training sessions.

Every week, during the whole year:

Full pension 429,00 Euro
Half pension 289,00 Euro
External 249,00 Euro

During summer:

Full pension 399,00 Euro
Half pension 289,00 Euro
External 239,00 Euro


After a series of physical and technical tests, each participant will be given tailored preparation and personalized workouts in a calm and welcoming environment.

Every day, a training schedule of five hours and thirty minutes will be offered (from 9h30 till 12h00 and from 15h30 till 18h00). An individual exercise plan will be proposed for each of the three working groups (Technique, Tactic, and Physic).

Those with regional, national, and worldwide ranks and the club’s young players at the club’s training camp will be able to enhance their table tennis skills.


The afternoon is yours to do with as you like. You have the option of participating in other sports (such as team sports) or exploring the surrounding area, which provides a wealth of opportunities from a cultural standpoint. Fitness, excursions, the market, and other options will be on the table for you as well.

Full accommodation

For Young players: Place: “Maison pour tous (Parc de Kerbihan – 56700 Hennebont), 150 m away from the training camp for the people who have chosen full pension.
And for adults: In Hermine – Guest House (Brandérion)

How to contact the training camp

00 33 2 97 85 08 06
E-mail: gvhtt.com@gmail.com

Inscription page: GV Hennebont Stage

Application form
Application form

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