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When Wang Hao plays with provincial player

Wang Hao (National player) vs provincial player.

Wang Hao is retired

Wang Hao is retired from the international competition. He is now the personal coach of Fan Zhendong.

Coach Wang Hao is happy with Fan Zhendong. He will be the next leader that helps China Team get the Gold medal in the next WTTTC.
Coach Wang Hao is happy with Fan Zhendong. He will be the next leader that helps China Team get the Gold medal in the next WTTTC.

Wang Hao has fun with provincial player

Wang Hao is still very strong. He can defeated the top provincial player. Wang Hao still get it! He has it all: power, explosiveness, and a great touch. Wang Hao retired several years ago, therefore it’s surprising that he has lost a bunch of weight and looks younger than during his career as a professional athlete.

Wang Hao (National player) vs provincial player

Watch this video.

Wang Hao is masked

Wang Hao with hidden face (by the mask) to have fun with a very good pro player. I wonder what they told this guy about masked Wang Hao. What was the setup?

They told him masked Wang Hao was a random guy. (Wang Kai & Wang Hao 王开 & 王浩)

Let me explain for those who do not understand what’s happening.

Wang Hao still retains a very high level of play, probably on par with the current Big Four.
His only weakness now, because of his age and natural body wear, is mobility.

Provincial high level players have very good form usually and are VERY consistent, they’ll have a 40 ball hit rally with you any day. BUT… the only thing preventing them from making China team C-B-A is mobility.

Wang Kai & Wang Hao 王开 & 王浩

They do not train mobility properly and most move awkwardly, so they play more static.
So once players like Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, MA Long or Fan Zhendong start moving provincial players around the table, they lose efficiency and lose most rallies.

Wang Hao - the best penholder
Wang Hao – the best penholder

That is the reason why people like Zhou Qihao will probably never make Big Four, he is a very top level provincial player, team C-B material but not for team A in the Olympics. I find it more natural to RPB than the traditional style but I’m new and started that way. Some did the traditional way and won’t change. If Ma Lin and Xu Xin made that transition it must be worth something.

He can’t aspire to be Big Four because he has bad mobility.

That is the reason this match looks very leveled, and the provincial player looks like he’s sending everything back consistently and perfectly.
But if you notice, Wang Hao doesn’t move too much anymore and he also doesn’t move the provincial player around the whole table quickly and when he does, it’s a sure point because this provincial player favors the forehand even from the backhand, whereas the Big Four would attack from both wings easily, this guy pivots too much.

If Wang Hao retained his previous younger years mobility this match would’ve been done very quickly and the score would’ve been very differently.

This goes to show you, that if you do not have good mobility in Table Tennis, any provincial player would mop the floor with you any day of the year, that’s how high Chinese Table Tennis level is.

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