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When To Start Table Tennis? Minimum Age For Table Tennis

Minimum Age For Table Tennis, When To Start Table Tennis?

When it comes to table tennis, one of the most important considerations is a player’s age. “How old do you have to be to play table tennis ?”, you wonder.

The best age to begin table tennis

Table tennis doesn’t have a set minimum age requirement for participating. The benefits of playing ping pong are immense for the kid’s development.

The best age to begin playing ping pong is between the ages of 5 and 12.

Table tennis is a favorite activity for both children and adults. Imagining the sound of the ball hitting the paddle is making us feel like we’re actually playing.

Table tennis for 4-5 years old children

Watch this video.


But there is a tremendous difference between learning something for the sake of it and actually mastering it.

Example of professional study case

The match between Félix Lebrun (15 years old) and He Zhi Wen (59 years old) resulted from the French Pro B League meeting between Miramas and Istres.

Age difference? Over 40 years. Both are amazing! You can see that age is not a big factor in table tennis.

Minimum Age For Table Tennis, When To Start Table Tennis? (Félix Lebrun)

Watch this video.

Two penholders playing in France. Styles from the past and the present are compared and contrasted. What longevity in the high level this He Zhi Wen.

Come back from 4-9 to the beautiful final set against a young prodigy like Felix Lebrun.

Getting Started Early Is Advised

If you want to become a professional table tennis player, start learning the sport as soon as possible. Children who begin playing table tennis at a young age are more likely to develop a deeper understanding of the game.

no age barrier in table tennis - a kid can compete win an adult
no age barrier in table tennis – a kid can compete win an adult

At a young age, it’s easy to learn new things. There is a distinct difference between a child’s mind and a grown-up’s.

No age limit in table tennis

Table tennis does not have a specific age limit. At the age of four, one can begin. Another can get going in thirty years or less. It’s up to the person who’s going to be playing to decide what they want to do.

15 years old pro player in France - Félix Lebrun
15 years old pro player in France – Félix Lebrun

Table tennis competitions are held at the district, state, and national levels, as well as at the international level.

Veterans can compete in special events. There is also a competition for kids. So you can start to learn table tennis at any age.

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  1. Thank you for covering such diverse table tennis issues (i.e. weight, age, etc.). It brings so many more table tennis players into into the sport of table tennis. I am 67 years, played when I was younger and then picked up the sport again when I retired. I get a tremendous mental and physical workout and I’m fortunate to have joined a small table tennis club (Old Bridge Table Tennis Club OBTTC in NJ) with tremendous members. I look forward to the table tennis news you send, keep up the great work and have a great day!


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