why ma long is so strong

What makes Ma Long’s strokes so unique?

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why Ma Long is so strong? His technique is very unique with a lot of quality.

Ma Long is one of the best players in table tennis. Today let’s talk about Ma Long’s secret skill. What makes Ma Long’s strokes so unique? My answer is his feeling and his micro-adjustment.

Ma Long has a unique feeling of the ball

Ma Long’s feeling of the ball is unique in the World.

Ma Long secret skills explained by coach EmRatThich
Ma Long secret skills explained by coach EmRatThich

Ma Long’s forehand is the best in the world: Powerful and very consistent.

Ma Long forehand
Ma Long forehand

What about his backhand?
Not as powerful as his forehand, but very consistent too.

Ma Long backhand
Ma Long backhand

Let’s learn the technique of the best player in the world. We need to focus on the small detail. Because the small detail will make a good player become the best player.

Ma Long’s forehand is one of the best in the World.
His backhand is not bad. Very consistent, and fast too!

Watch this video for the full analysis:




Ma Long’s micro-adjustment

Micro-adjustment is the way to improve the ball quality. Ma Long has a very detailed micro-adjustment for both forehand and backhand.

Ma Long's micro-adjustment
Ma Long’s micro-adjustment

Today, we learn advanced tips. If Ma Long does change the grip or not?

Let’s see his training session, for the forehand, and then the backhand. We will study something.

Ma Long forehand – multiball training

Look at his grip for the Forehand. The thumb is on the edge of the handle!

Ma Long neutral grip
Ma Long neutral grip

Now, let’s see what is the grip of Ma Long for the backhand?

He changes or keeps the same grip?

This is his neutral grip. The thumb is always on the edge of the handle. You will see, to gain more power, Ma Long changes the grip for both Forehand and Backhand.

When he does the Backhand topspin, he moves the thumb up, to support his stroke. He does change the grip for his backhand!

Ma Long's micro adjustment for the backhand topspin
Ma Long’s micro-adjustment for the backhand topspin

Ma long backhand techniques

Look! After finishing the stroke, he just releases his thumb. This is called “micro-adjustment”. He does this step, to relax, explode, and then relax!
So please, always loosen your grip after the stroke. And always apply pressure at the moment you hit the ball!

Ma Long unique grip and adjustment
Ma Long unique grip and adjustment

His backhand is very fluid and strong too! Note: To increase the power of your backhand, use more the lower part of your body. Look how Ma Long drops his racket and uses his legs to “accelerate”, lift up his backhand movement!

Bonus! Ma Long footwork for backhand-forehand transition


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