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What is WTT Star Contenders?

WTT Star Contender is one of the most important table tennis tournaments, organized by WTT.

WTT Star Contenders – tournaments will have qualification rounds on the first two to three days and will feature singles and doubles competitions for both men and women at the same venues.

What is WTT Star Contenders

Contender Series (WTT SERIES) – are separated into two series and provide opportunities for aspiring table tennis players to gain confidence and experience on the international stage. With a bigger number of participants, this tier will continue to draw the world’s best players, while also providing opportunities to all players within the world rankings.

The official logo:

WTT Star Contenders

Key Information

  • Number of Athletes: 48 (32 seeded + 16 qualifications
  • Competition Format:  Singles and Doubles (men’s, women’s, and mixed)
  • Number of Events: 6 (3 for men’s, 3 for women’s)
  • Prize Money US$250-300k per event
  • Venue Type Sports venues and stadiums

The Contenders Series tournaments more closely resemble the current ITTF Platinum and Open competitions.

Taking place in sports facilities and stadiums with a higher number of qualifiers participating, this tier will continue to draw the world’s best players, but will also be accessible to all players in the world rankings. Strong performance in these Contenders tournaments will result in invitations to the WTT Champions Series and WTT Cup competitions.

The field of play must be able to accommodate a minimum of four competition tables for the main draw and a minimum of eight competition tables during the qualification stages.

Large numbers of entrants from the host nation will allow the host nation to maximize the number of spots available for its national players. This will allow lower-ranked players to compete against some of the world’s highest-ranked players in tournaments of the greatest caliber.


The WTT Contender Series comprises two world-class tournament tiers, WTT Star Contender and WTT Contender. Up-and-coming table tennis stars will compete for ITTF World Ranking points. Traditional table tennis will be played. WTT Contender Series events will be the heartbeat of the WTT Series and provide a key pathway to WTT Champions and Grand Smash events.

WTT Starcontender Doha
WTT Starcontender Doha

WTT Star Contender events last six days, whereas WTT Contender events last four days. Each event has men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

Number of players

WTT Star Contender competitions will feature 48 singles players per gender, 16-pair doubles, and 8-pair mixed doubles.

WTT Contender competitions will have 32 singles players per gender, 16 doubles for each gender, and 8 mixed doubles.

Each WTT Star Contender tournament organizer can choose between 32, 48, or 64 singles qualifying draws, but doubles qualifying is fixed at 16-pairs.



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