What is the most popular brand in table tennis?

I have explained the best table tennis brands that you can trust. Their products are of the highest quality so you can buy them. The only problem is that you should understand your playing style. Choose the best equipment that fits your playing style.

What is the most popular table tennis brand?

Based on the usage percentage of the pro players, the most preferred table tennis brand is Butterfly. Their product quality is top-notch. This explains why the price of the Butterfly products (rubber, blades, shoes) are in general the most expensive.

There are some best brands like Butterfly, DHS, Donic, Tihbar, Nittaku, etc. However, the pro players prefer using the Butterfly product. Here is the percentage of material usage of the top WTT world ranking players:

BrandPercentage %

Stiga, or Butterfly, which is better?

As a general rule, Butterfly produces the best blades and costs the most money for them. Stiga blades, on the other hand, are flawless, which provides a similar quality. Buy the blade you like which is appropriate for your style of play.

Stiga vs Butterfly - which brand is the best
Stiga vs Butterfly – which brand is the best

Stiga offers a large choice for the blade. If you are an intermediate player, then Stiga is the best choice. Butterfly rubbers are more expensive. Pro players often used Butterfly products, because they are sponsored. If money is not your problem, and you want to play the similar product of the pro players, then you can choose Butterfly blade and rubbers.

DHS versus Butterfly, which one is better?

DHS is a very famous brand. Their flagship product is the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber. Hurricane 3 is no doubt the best forehand rubber. It’s used by almost every top Chinese player.

DHS vs Butterfly which one is better for you
DHS vs Butterfly which one is better for you

The Butterfly’s flagship product is the Tenergy series rubbers (Tenergy 05, Tenergy 64, Tenergy Dignics). These rubbers are well-known because they are the best backhand rubber in the world. Every pro player has tried Tenergy 05 on their backhand side.

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