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What is Grand Slam in table tennis

Some players asked me:

Hi coach, what does it mean Grand Slam in table tennis.

What is Grand Slam?

In a previous article, who is the strongest player in table tennis, I’ve explained the meaning of the Grand Slam. It is called the Table Tennis Grand Slam if a player has earned all three major singles titles in the sport: Olympic, World Championship, and World Cup.

Grand Slam is the hardest achievement in table tennis that any athlete can dream of.

Note: To win the grand slam in table tennis you have to win the gold medal at the 3 most important events in table tennis:

These are the 3 toughest titles that one table tennis player can achieve.

So for me, the greatest table tennis player of all time must be a “Grand Slam”! No doubt!

In the 3 most important tournaments of table tennis, the Olympic Game is the hardest tournament. Each country can send only its best 2 players (for single events).

4 grand slams in table tennis, Ma Long is the 5th
4 grand slams in table tennis, Ma Long is the 5th Grand Slam

What is Double Grand Slam in table tennis?

“Double Grand Slam” title is the title when a player wins the Grand Slam titles 2 times.

Ma Long – the only Double Grand Slam for the male player

Currently, Ma Long is the only male player who won the Double Grand Slam title, because he won the Gold medals in 2 Olympics in a row: the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics. He also won several WTTC (World Table Tennis Championship) and World Cup titles.

Ma Long men’s team final between at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Ma Long men’s team final between at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


Yes, Ma Long has won the Double Grand Slam title. This is my video for this question:

Will Ma Long win a double Grand Slam?

Watch this video.


Zhang Yining – the only Double Grand Slam for the female player

Zhang Yining accomplished the only double-lap Grand Slam in table tennis history. Zhang Yining is the first table tennis player to have won a Grand Slam on both sides of the court. She won the singles world championship for the first time in 2001, defeating North Korean Kim Young-hee in the Wuhu World Cup. Zhang Yining defeated North Korean Kim Heung-mi 4-0 in the Athens Olympics table tennis women’s singles final on August 22, 2004, following the women’s doubles. The second gold medal at the Olympics, and is also Zhang Yining’s “double grand slam” title.

Zhang Yining
Zhang Yining

Zhang Yining, 24, defeated teammate Guo Yan in the women’s singles final of the Shanghai World Table Tennis Championships in May 2005 to win the tournament and complete the Grand Slam. She had been waiting for over four years at this point. Zhang Yining won the World Cup in 2002, 2004, and 2005 as well. She defeated Wang Nan to win the women’s singles title at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2009, she defeated Guo Yue to win the World Table Tennis Championships for the second time. Also accomplished the incredible feat of the double circle grand slam.

Who has won the Grand Slam title in table tennis?

Until now, there are only 10 players who can achieve the Grand Slam title. 9 of them are Chinese players.

The only foreign player who gets the Grand Slam title is Jan-Ove Waldner.


ding ning grand slam
Ding Ning grand slam

Men players Grand Slam

Until now, there are 5 Men Grand Slam players in table tennis:

  1. Jan-Ove Waldner
  2. Liu Guoliang
  3. Kong Linghui
  4. Zhang Jike
  5. Ma Long


Women players Grand Slam

There are 5 Women Grand Slam in table tennis:

  1. Deng Yaping
  2. Wang Nan
  3. Zhang Yining
  4. Li Xiaoxia
  5. Ding Ning

All of the Grand Slam players have retired. Recently, Ding Ning has retired due to her educational career path.


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