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Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Faster or Slower than Viscaria?

With the new trend in table tennis, you need a harder and faster racket. Butterfly will release the Viscaria Super ALC very soon. What is this blade?

About Viscaria Super ALC

Released date: March 1, 2022.

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade
Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade is coming on March 1st, 2022!

The first-ever Super Arylate-Carbon Blade. The price will be €209.90.


The first Super ALC blade

The first Super Arylate-Carbon blade was made.

Viscaria Super ALC
Viscaria Super ALC

The Viscaria Super ALC is the first blade that has been made with Super Arylate Carbon. Super Arylate-Carbon is a synthetic fiber material that gives more bounce while still being very flexible, which is a feature of Arylate-Carbon. The basic structure of the blade, such as the wood veneer structure, is the same as in the original Viscaria. This new model with Super Arylate-Carbon improves the blade’s reaction properties. That means it is faster than the normal Viscaria.

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC (2)
Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC (2)

It has the same vibration properties when compared to the original Viscaria.

Is Viscaria Super ALC too fast?

Even though the Viscaria Super ALC was made for the best players, the blade has features that can be used by a wide range of players, from intermediate to advanced levels. It’s especially good for people who already use the Viscaria or the Timo Boll ALC and need the ball to move faster. So that more people can play with this new blade, the Chinese penhold grip is also available.

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC (1)
Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC (1)

What is super ALC?

The History of Arylate-Carbon. Butterfly has a lot of blades with Arylate-Carbon in them, and they’re very popular because they’re very flexible, easy to use, and bounce a little. People who are good at table tennis want a blade that has more power without losing the feel of an ALC blade. In order to meet this need, Butterfly came up with the idea of making an artificial fiber material that came from Arylate-Carbon.

Super ALC Carbon structure
Super ALC Carbon structure

To make a blade that can deliver more power while still having the same feel, it was important to only make the blade’s reaction properties better without making it vibrate more. Because the more reaction properties a blade has, the more vibration properties it tends to have. This means that it’s not easy to solve this problem in the general sense.

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC (3)
Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC – Handle dimensions

Super Arylate-Carbon is a harder version of ALC. Weaving in more fibers gives the Arylate-Carbon a better bounce than normal Arylate-Carbon. In addition, the ratio of Arylate and carbon was modified so that it was easy to use and flexible.

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC (4)
Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC (4)

Super Arylate-Carbon made its way into Viscaria Super ALC, the first blade to use this artificial fiber, by putting it in the same way as the wood veneer on the original Viscaria blade. They say that “the feeling is very similar to the Viscaria, but we can make more powerful shots with this blade.” This fits very well the new trends of table tennis, with a bigger ball.

How to combine the rubber with Super ALC?

Top players who use blades like the Viscaria or the Timo Boll ALC often use rubbers from the Dignics and Tenergy series with them.

Dignics 09c
Dignics 09c

ALC also works well with the Dignics and Tenergy series. These combinations will work well together.

If you’re a player who cares about how much rotation the ball can get without slowing down, you should use Dignics 09C. Tacky rubber makes it easy to make big top spins and play well in the short game, while the blade’s faster reaction makes balls move faster, so it will also fit the Chinese tacky rubbers like DHS Hurricane 3.

Comparison between Viscaria and Viscaria Super ALC

Viscaria: rebound characteristic 11.8, vibration characteristic 10.3, thickness 5.8mm

Viscaria with ALC layer
Viscaria with ALC layer

Viscaria Super ALC: rebound characteristic 12.1, vibration characteristic 10.1, thickness 5.7mm

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC with super ALC layer
Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC with super ALC layer

Conclusion: Viscaria Super ALC is more bouncy than Viscaria.

Comparison between the 2 blades:

Viscaria Super ALC vs Viscaria
 Viscaria Super ALCViscaria
Blade structure5-ply wood
+ 2 Super Arylate-Carbon
5-ply wood
+ 2 Arylate-Carbon
Reaction (Speed)12.111.8
Vibration (Feeling)10.110.3
Blade size157×150 mm157×150 mm
Blade thickness5.7 mm5.8 mm
Handle sizeFL: 100×25×34 mm
ST: 100×23×28 mm
FL: 100×25×34 mm
ST: 100×23×28 mm
Chinese penholdCpen: 82×22×31.5 mmCpen: 82×22×31.5 mm

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  1. Very good review coach of the new Viscaria super ALC. I can’t wait to test it. I don’t know how the blade bounce about the trajectory of the ball, high or low..so I am curious about.
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