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Using A.I in table tennis match highlight

If you are:
+ a table tennis coach
+ a player who filmed yourself
+ a YouTuber who upload table tennis match highlight

This article is for you.

One of the best A.I. technology in table tennis. It’s the Betterplay.ai (get +5% reduction here).

A.I in table tennis

Artificial Intelligence is now trending in every domain. Machine learning is applied from self-driving cars, playing games, image processing, sports analysis, etc. Now, we have A.I. in table tennis. What a time to be alive.

Using AI in football video analysis
Using AI in football video analysis

This A.I. service is very useful for:

  • + Players: Video analysis by highlight the winning points, losing points, etc.
  • + Coaches: Make a statistic analysis from a long and full video of a table tennis match
  • + Media Manager, YouTuber: To cut, highlight the full match and make it a short form
Artificial Intelligence in Sport
Artificial Intelligence in Sport
Using A.I. in table tennis to cut the match video
Using A.I. in table tennis to cut the match video

About Betterplay.ai

A Wonderful IDEA.

This is where Betterplay.ai comes in, an online web application that allows you to upload the full match video. And you will get the short form of the match.

Using Artificial Intelligence in table tennis

Watch video above ☝.

Homepage: https://betterplay.ai/

You send the video from a web browser. This can be done from your computer or even from your mobile phone.

Betterplay.ai - Home
Betterplay.ai – Home

A few hours later, you will receive an email with the link to your processed video. All you have to do is upload it to your social platform like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Betterplay.ai - Create your clip
Betterplay.ai – Create your clip

Exclusive Interview with Betterplay.ai founder

Here is the exclusive interview with the founder of betterplay.ai, Yuri Miroshnik. He has contacted me, and we have some interesting information for you.

Yuri Miroshnik founder of betterplay.ai
Yuri Miroshnik founder of betterplay.ai


Q1) Hello Yuri Miroshnik, could you please present yourself? Your profession?

YM=> I’m a computer engineer with 27 years of experience in the high-tech industry.
Used to fill the VP R&D positions in several successful startup companies. I’m married, raising two sons (23 and 12). Live in Israel in the very nice city of Modiin.

Machine learning in self driving car
Machine learning in self-driving car

Q2) What is Betterplay.ai? How did you get the idea for this project?

YM=> Betterplay.ai is a project I’ve been working on in my free time for the last 2 years.
The main idea is to use the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence, specifically, Machine Learning for Computer Vision, to “teach” computers to “understand” what’s going on in a table tennis game. I play table tennis on the amateur level. Yet, I want to improve my skills. The first step in any improvement is to understand what you do right and wrong. Then build a training plan to strengthen the right things and fix the weaknesses.
Video analysis is the best solution for that. You start with watching your video, take notes, produce statistics and then measure the progress along the way. All professional coaches and players do it. Beginners and amateurs don’t have the means for that. My project comes to solve this gap – enable sports analytics for all – every kid’s coach, every amateur player.

Using AI in sport
Using AI in sport

Q3) I see that ITTF started to use your AI service to highlight the full match? What is the feedback from other users?

YM=> There are two aspects for that: good and less good. The good one is that users like the results.
The algorithm produces highlights with very high accuracy. On the other hand, people complain about the slowness of the upload and the processing times. I take this very seriously and work on speeding
them up. It’s a technical issue, will be solved.

WTT (ITTF) was using AI to automatically highlight table tennis matches
WTT (ITTF) was using AI to automatically highlight table tennis matches
WTT is using AI to highlight videos in the official tournaments
WTT is using AI to highlight videos in the official tournaments

Q4) In your opinion, what we can do further with AI technology? In the future, Betterplay.ai can provide another promising service?

YM=> We see how AI technology enters every part of our life. For people playing table tennis as a profession or hobby, this game fills a very important part of their lives. I’m sure they’ll welcome new technologies if they prove to help them enjoy their favorite game even more. Of course, we can’t convert everybody to Ma Long. However, we can probably help everybody making few steps forward. Highlight creation is the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with AI for table tennis. Eventually, people will be able to collect any statistics they’re looking for, produce clips for any specific moments in the game. They’ll analyze the stats, watch the mistakes, track the progress, and so on. And all this will
be easy and funny – this is what we expect from the tools in the 21st century, don’t we?

using AI in tennis
using AI in tennis

Yuri Miroshnik has set up a service that should appeal to players, clubs, and coaches: automatic processing of table tennis videos using artificial intelligence.

Computer Vision with AI for automobile
Computer Vision with AI for automobile

Many players and coaches film table tennis matches. It is a full video for 30 minutes to several hours. Due to lack of time, these videos are never uploaded. It takes a long time to process the video.

So you have the solution now.

Additional information

Exclusive interview between EmRatThich and Yuri Miroshnik.

Question: Is this service free?

Answer: Yes, this service is free for table tennis users.


About Yuri (the founder of betterplay.ai)

I am a very experienced computer engineer. My main job is chip design in Broadcom. The betterplay.ai table tennis project is my hobby that I work on after office hours.


The motivation:

I studied courses on artificial intelligence. In particular, I worked on the Convolutional Neural Networks by Stanford University.

And of course, I continued to play table tennis. I would sometimes use a camera to film my table tennis matches. These videos allowed me to analyze my mistakes and identify the weak points of my opponents. But how long it took to process these videos! Sometimes a specific movement would occur in the 1st, 3rd, and then 5th sets. So much time wasted in processing the videos!

So, one evening after practice, I thought about using artificial intelligence to quickly identify the phases of the game. After consulting a few artificial intelligence experts, it turned out that this project was achievable!

The version of Betterplay.ai is just the beginning of development: I want to give the user the ability to search a video for specific phases of play through a search engine. For example, it will be possible to search only the winning points achieved. We will also be able to have statistics on the different winning points.

Is this service get patented?

Yes, I have filed a patent for this technology.


User feedback and funding?

Before making the service available to users, I spoke to many coaches and players.

I needed to be sure that what I invented would be useful to a wide audience. Otherwise, it wasn’t worth investing the time and money (so far everything is self-funded).

After opening the service to everyone, I received very warm feedback. And it already saves a lot of time analyzing the game and then posting them on social media.

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