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Update for CTTC Chinese Training Camp 2021

This is the update for CTTC (Shanghai Online training camp) for this summer 2021.

Update (May 2021)

Here is the link to apply: Apply 2021 Online training camp.

I’ve asked Ms. Xu (organizer) of the CTTC training camp 2021:

Dear Ms. Xu,

Have you gotten enough of the application student for this year? Everything goes well?
And you will organize the coaching online 1v1 as predicted? Many players asked if we can share the coaching on the internet.
Best regards

Enroll more members for online coaching

Ms. Xu answered me:

Dear ERT,
Thanks for your concerning our program. Now I enroll 9 members now. We would like to enroll more members. Please help us to promote it.
About your coaching list, we just got the Chinese list for you, we do not have time to translate to English ,do you need it? I can send to you, we got 5 coaches(they are all from our college).
We have already organized the coaching online 1v1 as predicted. 9 members are already be tutored now.
Keep contact.

Ms. Xu also said:

In the enrollment, I write 20 members aged between 16-25, we now enroll 10 members. 10 members left (but this time online program, if beyond the age, he/she can also apply for the application, we can also enroll him for our extra members, but he/she just can take part in the second part (learning online ), not for the first part (tutor one by one, because we have limited coaches and volunteers to do this ).

The first and second part I wrote as follows:

We divide two parts, you can now go on the first part: one by one tutor (I wrote it in the enrollment). The time counts from the first videos you send to our volunteer (last for 28 days, just the time we hold our camp). After 28 days, the tutor part will be over.

The second depends on the upload videos of teaching and other parts. If we upload, we will inform you by mail.

As the enrollment wrote, we use ClassIn, but now we still need to be taught how to use it. We just start our program recently. Don’t worry. Our volunteer is a student who is professional in table tennis and English,he will email you later.

So far, we are still making online videos, so we don’ have the schedule now. We write the arrangement generally in the enrollment. ERT, if the members have questions, please email me, I can explain them and I think it is fast for me to answer their Qs.

Thanks for your great help.

Keep contact

Coach resume

Here is the list of high-quality coaches that will help you improve during the training camp.

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    After reading the post, I found that there is no form or way to join the training class. Please advise how can I join?

    Thank you!


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