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Umpire mistake – ball touches net assembly

Hello, Today let’s see an example of the mistake of a table tennis umpire.

The ball touches the net assembly

The incident happened at Singapore Smash Qualifying Round 2, between Leonie HARTBRICH (HUN) and Olufunke OSHONAIKE (NIG).

Watch this video:

the ball touched the net assembly
Watch this video: the ball touched the net assembly


Who won the point?

Was the umpire’s decision correct or did he make a mistake?

umpire is wrong
umpire is wrong

My opinion is that the point for Funke Oshonaike or at least the point should have been played again because Hartbrich was surprised and distracted by the Umpire’s call.

On the other hand, the second video shows how people all know the rule and react properly. It took place in the Women 3. Bundesliga of Germany.

It is legal if the ball bounces up

You need to know that, the whole table tennis net assembly is considered the “net” in table tennis. If the ball touches the “net”, so it’s a good touch.

the ball bounced up - it is legal
the ball bounced up – it is legal

It’s legal to touch the “net assembly” during the rally.

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