Liam Pitchford at UTT Season 2

Ultimate Table Tennis League (UTT)

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Besides the Official ITTF World Tours, there are currently 2 major international leagues. One is T2 APAC (T2 Diamond in 2019 with the participation of the top Chinese players: Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong), and other is the UTT (Ultimate Table Tennis League) organized in India.

This is good news for table tennis fan around the world. These international leagues propose the new format, the more exciting Media promotion. New wind to the table tennis audience.

What is the Ultimate Table Tennis League

Ultimate Table Tennis is the best Indian table tennis league. The league, which started in 2017 with six Teams and 48 players played for 18 days, set high standards for the sport in the country. With the best athletes and coaches from India and the rest of the world at the heart of the league, UTT has managed to become a great tournament.

Defending Champions: Dabang Smashers

There are 6 teams who will compete in the UTT League.

Home page:

UTT aims to promote table tennis in India. This could help to get an Olympic medal for India in table tennis by 2024.

Sathiyan retained by champions
Sathiyan retained by champions
captain Sathiyan Gnanasekaran
captain Sathiyan Gnanasekaran


  • Each Team shall play 5 Matches in a Tie with each Match comprising 3 Games. Consequently, each Tie shall comprise 15 Games.
  • Each Game shall have Players competing with each other to score 11 points first, meaning in the event that scores are level at 10-all then the 11th point will be a Golden Point and shall decide the winner. Whichever individual/pair scores 11 points and is termed as the winner of each Game shall receive 1point towards the Team’s total for each such Game win.
  • The winning Team in a Tie shall be decided by the number of total Games won i.e. total team points won in the relevant Tie, meaning a Team that wins 8or more Games out of the 15Games shall be termed as the Winner of that respective Tie with variations for League Stage and Knock Out Stage.
Best performing players in Season 2 UTT
Best performing players in Season 2 UTT

UTT 2019 (Season 3)

UTT season 3 is scheduled from 25th July to 11th August 2019 in New Delhi, India. UTT will be broadcasted on Star network in the Indian sub-continent and on Facebook Live outside the Indian sub-continent.

Cedric Nuytinck at UTT (Season 2)
Cedric Nuytinck at UTT (Season 2)

Here is the name of top Table Tennis players who will be participating in UTT Season 3:


Sr. No.Player NameCountryLatest World Rank
1Sathiyan GnanasekaranIndia24
2Chuang Chih-YuanChinese Taipei25
3Benedikt DudaGermany42
4Tiago ApoloniaPortugal45
5Sharath Kamal AchantaIndia46


Sr. No.Player NameCountryLatest World Rank
1Cheng I-ChingChinese Taipei8
2Doo Hoi KemHong Kong11
3Bernadette SzocsRomania20
4Manika BatraIndia59
Liam Pitchford at UTT Season 2
Liam Pitchford at UTT Season 2

Here is the schedule of the tournament:

Season 3 of UTT will start from 25th July and the final will be played on the 11th August 2019.

UTT Season 03 Schedule
UTT Season 03 Schedule

Here is the full list of the 6 teams:

6 teams at UTT
6 teams at UTT
1Sachin Shankar ShettyCoachDelhi
2Vesna Ojsteršek DrnovsekCoachDelhi
3Bernadette-Cynthia SzocsPlayerDelhi
4Krittwika Sinha RoyPlayerDelhi
6Sathiyan GnanasekaranPlayerDelhi
7Parth VermaniPlayerDelhi
8Jon Sebastian PerssonPlayerDelhi
9Francisco Antonio Franco SantosCoachPune
10Parag AgrawalCoachPune
11Ayhika MukherjeePlayerPune
12Ronit BhanjaPlayerPune
13Chih-Yuan ChuangPlayerPune
14Harmeet Rajul DesaiPlayerPune
15Selena D SelvakumarPlayerPune
16Sabine Jane WinterPlayerPune


25Jiaqi ZhengCoachMumbai
26Soumyadeep RoyCoachMumbai
27Hoi Kem DooPlayerMumbai
28Moumita DuttaPlayerMumbai
29Sutirtha MukherjeePlayerMumbai
30Kirill GerassimenkoPlayerMumbai
31Jeet ChandraPlayerMumbai
32Manav Vikash ThakkarPlayerMumbai
33Narayanan RavichandranCoachKolkata
34Zoltan Istvan BatorfiCoachKolkata
35Sanil S ShettyPlayerKolkata
36Manush Utpalbhai ShahPlayerKolkata
37Matilda Maria EkholmPlayerKolkata
38Benedikt DudaPlayerKolkata
39Prapti SenPlayerKolkata
40Manika BatraPlayerKolkata


17A. Muralidhara RaoCoachChennai
18Peter Paul EngelCoachChennai
19Achanta Sharath KamalPlayerChennai
20Tiago Andre Barata Feio Peixoto ApoloniaPlayerChennai
21Yashini SPlayerChennai
22Petrissa Maria SoljaPlayerChennai
23Anirban GhoshPlayerChennai
24Madhurika Suhas PatkarPlayerChennai
41Arup BasakCoachGoa
42Elena Viacheslavovna Timina e/v MissetCoachGoa
43Archana G KamathPlayerGoa
44I-Ching ChengPlayerGoa
45Shruti Vijay AmrutePlayerGoa
46Alvaro Robles MartinezPlayerGoa
47Siddhesh Mukund PandePlayerGoa
48Amalraj AnthonyPlayerGoa


Sharath Kamal is the reigning National Champion
Sharath Kamal is the reigning National Champion

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