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Truls Möregardh personal life and training

What is Truls Moregardh’s personal life? And how did he train to become a world-class player?

Truls Möregardh’s life revolves around competition. He’s quite good at adapting to new situations and people. During training, he stays laser-focused and unflappable. His playing style and his equipment are modern styles.

Table tennis is Truls Möregrdh’s life

In order to achieve his goal of becoming the best in the world, he puts in 30 hours of hard effort each week.

Truls Möregrdh grew up in a table tennis family, thus it was only natural that he pursue table tennis as a sport. His first hits came at the age of six on a miniature table tennis table at home. While still a youngster, he routinely attended training sessions held by the local soccer team in Hovmantorp, a sleepy village in southern Sweden. His father Carl was the junior coach and his older brothers Malte and Elis had already played there.

Truls at 9 years old
Truls at 9 years old

Truls Möregrdh profile

Age: 18 years old
Residence : Eslöv, Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Club: Eslöv table tennis club, a club that has been Swedish team champion 13 times in the last 15 years.

Starting with table tennis: at the age of 6
Training hours: approx. 30 / week
Competition frequency: approx. 100 days/year

September 2019 World Ranking Men: No. 81st

Current world ranking: 31

Strengths: tactically clever, read the game, forehand

Blade: Stiga Cybershape Carbon
Rubber: Stiga DNA (his equipment)

Role models: JO Waldner and Jörgen Persson at their prime. Timo Boll is the next model.
Hobbies: being with friends and family

Truls Möregrdh achievements

International successes:

2021: WTTC 2021 Runner Up (Silver medal)

European youth championships: 2nd place student singles 2016 + 2017.

2nd place boys single 2018, winner boys singles 2019.

Winner Europe Top 10 U-15, 2nd place ITTF Cadet Challenge 2015

Winner Euro Mini Champs 2013 and 2014

World Championships Team 2018: 3rd place

European Championships team 2019: 3rd place

National successes

Single men in 2019, the Swedish team champion Swedish Champion in 2017 and 2019

Disappointed at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires 2018
Disappointed at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires 2018

Truls Moregardh’s training routine

Training is needed. Increased contests. You feel more delight and disappointment when you win than when you lose. A chance to compete against some of Europe’s top young players came his way during the annual Euro Mini Champs tournament in Strasbourg, France, when he was just 11 and 12. He was the only other player to win the competition two years in a row. This gave him a little extra oomph.

Jan Ove Walder supported Truls at WTTC 2021
Jan Ove Walder supported Truls at WTTC 2021

Truls recalls their first encounter as “love at first sight” while playing table tennis.

“Training was a blast, and I couldn’t wait for the weekends when we’d get to compete.” When I won, I was ecstatic, and when I lost, I was inconsolable.”

It was deliberate from the beginning in the family.

To keep things interesting, Trul’s father explains, “Truls wanted to play nonstop, but to make it entertaining, I constantly presented him with new difficulties. In order to keep the program dynamic, I let him train in several groups.

The more Truls trained, the closer he was to joining his brother Malte at Frej, a top-flight team in Växjö. At that club, the level of the players was higher than at the home teams.

Truls Möregårdh top player
Truls Möregårdh top player

Big support from the family

The Möregrdh family relocated to Eslöv, Sweden, a distance of 200 kilometers distant. To begin with, to ensure that Truls has access to the best possible training environment. Because Malte had relocated there as a young man and was only 50 kilometers away from Eslöv.

The family relocated when Truls was just 12 years old. “I was able to train three times a week in the mornings as well as in the afternoons and evenings at Eslöv. Peter Sartz and Peter Andersson were among the greatest trainers I worked with. Soon after, I was able to train with other top-tier players like Xu Hui, a world-renowned player.

For 19 years, Peter Sartz served as Denmark’s national coach and sports director. In 2005, he was instrumental in the Danish team’s victory at the European Championships, Mikael Maze’s European singles title, and Maze’s rise to the world’s top 10 rankings.

As a member of the Eslöv team since 2014, Truls Möregrdh has received a lot of attention from him.

He was just 16 years old when he was part of the men’s squad that won bronze at the 2018 team world championships in Halmstad, Sweden!

Trul's personal winner gesture
Trul’s personal winner gesture

This year’s progress was carried on. With victories over world No. 23 Kristian Karlsson, and Vice World No. 1 Matthias Falck in epic 7-set battles, he successfully defended his championship at the Swedish Open Junior.

In September 2019, he earned bronze with the Swedish men’s team at the European Team Championships, where he remained unbeaten as the No. 3 player.

This year 2021, Truls advanced to the Houston WTTC final. He lost to Fan Zhendong.

After that, Truls hopes to play in the Japanese League and reach the Olympics in Paris, which will take place in 2024.

Truls top performance at European Championships 2019
Truls top performance at European Championships 2019

Truls at the top European Youth competition

Truls was the top 11-year-old chess player in Sweden when he was ten years old and twice won the unofficial championship for 11-year-olds. The coaches from Frej’s club, Mrten Stenberg and Fredrik Berner, frequently drove to Hovmantorp in the mornings to work with him.

At the age of 13, Truls made its global debut. This is the first time he has ever made it to the final of the ITTF Cadet Challenge Championships in Egypt despite being a year or two younger than most of his competitors.

“I learned a lot from this event. I realized that even the greatest Chinese of my age were no match for me.”

Undefeated at the men's European team championships in 2019
Undefeated at the men’s European team championships in 2019

Decisions that may appear unfathomable to those who believe that being ordinary is enough are virtually always part of the journey to the top.
Hu Weixin, a world-renowned table tennis coach who lives in Sweden, frequently visited Truls and helped him improve his game.

“I was shocked at how rapidly he progressed from one technical level to the next higher,” he says today about Truls. Learning new concepts and promptly applying them to his game was easy for him. In tournaments, he is able to quickly adapt to his opponent.”

Truls placed great importance on the following: “Weixin’s belief that I had the potential to be a great player was a huge boost to my confidence. After all, he began training Ma Wenge when he was just 11 years old. It served as a reassuring reminder to me that I was on the correct path.”

Truls’s early life competition

At an early period in his life, Truls’s Möregrdh family set high worldwide ambitions for him, and they made crucial decisions appropriately, one of which was the transfer to Eslöv,” says Peter Sartz.

My belief is that Truls has the ability to rise to the top. He enjoys competing, and his training is marked by an uncommon level of attention and concentration. While competing or training, his goal is to win all rallies. When he goes into problems, he is able to overcome obstacles and retain his level of performance.

He watches table tennis on the internet after training. As a result, he continues to grow as an artist. Six hours a day in the training hall and occasionally watching from the stands are his only options when he’s not competing in international tournaments. Table tennis is Truls’ life.”

Truls Moregard is very motivated to reach the top 1

In the beginning, “he had an exceptionally high degree of motivation,” recalls the head of the successful Eslöv association, Thomas Andersson. On Saturday nights, he would often practice serving alone in the gymnasium.

It worked out for the better because of this approach. Truls made it all the way to the European Youth Championships’ school finals in 2016 and 2017, but he was beaten both times by Russian Sidorenko. He finished second at the 2017 U-18 World Championships after defeating two Chinese players.

While he lost the European Championship final in his first year of youth against Greece’s Sgouropoulos, he finally won the boys singles title in his second year, in 2019.

Truls Moregard the new Waldner?

He does not consider it a burden to be considered the new Waldner or Persson of Swedish table tennis. He describes it as both cozy and attractive. Because of his ability to handle problems at the table and without relying on a particular style of play, this means he is not reliant on others.

Jan Ove Waldner - the swedish idol of Truls Moregardh
Jan Ove Waldner – the Swedish idol of Truls Moregardh

“I’ve mastered most of the game’s mechanics. I can alter my style of play if anything isn’t working properly. I’m a good strategist.

I’m currently focusing on improving my confidence in order to compete with the finest in the world. I’m on my way now.

Good luck to Truls Moregard. In France, we consider him is the new hope for Europe.

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