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Truls Moregard throwing the racket again

He throws the racket again!

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That’s why we are making a funny song, “Let’s throw the racket”.

Truls Moregard threw the racket in WTT event

Truls Moregard is a very good player.

Why Chuang is so angry about him?

Chuang is very upset
Chuang is very upset

Chuang simply gave up the last point and refused to shake hand with Moregard.
Why Chuang is so angry? He also wants to throw the racket!

He is from Sweden. But today, many players call Truls Moregard the “hexagonal warrior”. Because he loves throwing the racket.

It’s not the first time.

Why does Moregard get the yellow card? Why Chuang is so angry and upset here?

Here is the recent game between Truls Moregard vs Chuang Chih-yuan. Chuang is a Taiwan veteran player, ranked 17th in the world.

Chuang Chih-yuan swept Swedish star Moregard in the 2020 Hungarian Open. However, in the World Championships, Moregard defeated Chuang in the round of 64.

Chuang Chih-yuan vs Moregard is an exciting game not to be missed. Today, the two players play against each other for the 3rd time. Chuang Chih-yuan showed his veteran experience at critical moments and scored 3 points in a row.

racket throwing
racket throwing

Moregard, who was dissatisfied with his situation, threw the racket in the direction of Chuang Chih-yuan at the moment~ The godfather was also dumbfounded… In the second game, Chuang Chih-yuan chased after the victory, and after 3 draws, a wave of 6-1 offensive opened the game, 11 to 8, and another victory.

This kind of bad behavior, WTT should punish more or not?
Top players in various sports like to use emotions to influence opponents. Psychological warfare is also an element of competitive sports. Chuang Chih-yuan will not be affected by this kind of Olympic moves.

racket throwing - again
racket throwing – again

Losing the shot is very rude, and the player’s mood seems to be obviously affected.
What is your opinion? Is it is really disrespectful or acceptable?

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