top 10 table tennis blades that professionals use

Top 10 Professional Table Tennis Blades – Excellent Quality

Today, I explain to you how to choose the best table tennis blade. This tutorial is based on my several years of training, playing and coaching. I also have some occasions to discuss this topic “How to choose the best blade and rubber” with some Chinese coaches.

You will learn:

  1. How to choose the right blades for your styles
  2. Top 10 professional table tennis blade

I will help you choose the right blade and then combine with the best forehand rubber, and the best backhand rubber. This combination should fit your playing style. If you don’t have time, you can also choose the best competitive paddle (a set of the blade and 2 rubbers) based on the Chinese coaches’ experiences.

Understand the function of a blade

The table tennis racket is made by the blade and the rubbers. The main difference between Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy about the racket is Speed and Spin.

Chinese coach says “The blade should be an extension of your hand”. The blade gives you the feeling, and that’s the blade that will help you “SPIN” the ball.

Feel of the ball through the good vibration of the blade - The key to choose the right equipment in table tennis
Feel of the ball through the good vibration of the blade – The key to choose the right equipment in table tennis

While some Western coaches emphasize the “Speed” behavior of the blade. So in general, Western players will choose OFF, OFF+ blade to gain speed, and combine with softer rubber. While in China, players prefer OFF- blade, and play with very hard rubbers.

I’ve tried and played with both combination “Fast blade + Soft rubber” and “Flexible blade + Hard Rubber”. And I can confirm with you, the latter setup will help you “Improve faster!”.

If you are still confused, read my own experiences in coaching young and beginner players!

Feeling is crucial in table tennis. Chinese kids spend a lot of time to feel the ball.
The “feeling” is crucial in table tennis. Chinese kids spend a lot of time to feel the ball.

How to choose the best table tennis blade

In all of the equipment in table tennis, I would say the blade is the most important one! You know that the rackets are made by the blade and the rubbers.

The composition of a racket: one blade and 2 rubbers

Table Tennis Blade is the wooden part of the racket.

The blade is considered the soul of your playing style. Defender, Allround, Offensive players choose a different type of blade.

Choosing the right blade is crucial in table tennis because the blade decides:

  • 80% of your playing style. Rubber decides only 20%
  • give you the best feeling when you touch the ball
  • give you the ability to spin, or to accelerate the speed of your shots (due to dwell-time)
  • provide the kick effect (the first speed of the bounce) based on the stiffness of the outer layer
  • the main power for your shots when you play far from the table

Liu Guoliang once said:

“Table tennis blade should be an extend of your hand“, said by Chinese National Team Head coach

Liu Guoliang explained about penhold grip of Ryu Seung-min
Liu Guoliang explained about penhold grip of Ryu Seung-min

That’s the reason that you should focus on your blade! Choose the highest quality possible!

Always pinch your racket (shakehand grip) best tips to improve power and quality in table tennis
Always pinch your racket (shakehand grip) best tips to improve power and quality in table tennis

So if you can investigate 120$ for your racket, spend about 80$ for the blade, and 20$ for the rubber (2 sides cost 40$).

What is a high-quality table tennis blade

The high-quality blade is not cheap like mass production one. It’s the premium quality professional bat made by the experienced maker.

The best table tennis blade offers more spin and crisper feeling during ball contact.

It is the key to increase your potential of winning. So focus on the quality blade which matches your playing style.

Remember, a good racket can make the same spin with a shorter stroke than the low-quality racket.

Butterfly Acrylate Carbon Viscaria - the most popular blade among professional table tennis players
Butterfly Acrylate Carbon Viscaria – the most popular blade among professional table tennis players (Read review/ check price 1/ price 2)

Butterfly Viscaria (Read review/ check price 1/ price 2) is considered one of the very good blades in table tennis. It provides a good balance between “Speed”, and “Spin”. The “spin” quality is good. (This is the word of Zhang Jike during an interview).

Or Stiga Infinity VPS? Which one is high quality table tennis blade?
Or Stiga Infinity VPS? Which one is a high-quality table tennis blade?

While Butterfly racket has a huge market in the US, and Europe (because they are faster, and harder). Stiga racket is preferred in China. Many top provincial Chinese players use the Stiga Clipper (check price), or Stiga Infinity VPS (custom handle) (read review/ check price 1/ check price 2).

Important! The handle choice is also very important. You should read this article to understand why top Chinese players prefer larger (custom size) Flared handle.

Check for the several handle variations here for Stiga handle here: AN Winner, Champ Handle, FL Master, ST Classic, Wide FL Legend.

There are many reasons:

  • The good relationship between Stiga and the Chinese National Team
  • Stiga racket is in general cheaper than Butterfly blade
  • Chinese players prefer the “good old day of feeling” from Stiga blade
  • Stiga racket is somehow more flexible than Butterfly blade
  • Stiga racket in general used “Ayous” outer-plie. While Butterfly prefers using “Koto outer-plie”.

But nowadays, with the “New Trends In Table Tennis”, players tend to play with the harder, and faster racket to deal with the plastic ball. Search on my site “New Trends” to learn about this modern tendency in table tennis.

Composition of Viscaria blade (by Dan - Tabletennisdaily)
The composition of Viscaria blade (by Dan – Tabletennisdaily)

If you want to keep one racket from the beginning to a very high level, you can stick with the Stiga racket.

What are the characteristics of a good blade

Yes, we want the highest quality blade! But how to know which one has the top-notch quality. There are many things about a good blade, I will make a PingSunday video and explain it on my YouTube channel.

A good, high-quality table tennis blade must have these typical features:

  1. High quality and old wood
  2. Clear vibration, and good flexibility
  3. Strong power on the blade
  4. Good weight distribution between the handle and the head

Many things that I want to explain to you the “art of table tennis blade making”. But I need time. I will share and explain to you all of this when I have free time.

All wood blade vs carbon blade

In modern table tennis, professionals prefer a faster and harder blade. With the new ball, players get harder to impact the spin to the ball. Harimoto Tomokazu also confirmed that playing with a more flexible racket gives him confidence.  So what is the wise choice here?

  • All wood blade is thin (thinner than 6.0 mm) and flexible, a must for beginner players. It provides feeling and flexibility. Some amateur players made the wrong choice. They have picked a very fast carbon blade. And this ruined their early development stage in their ping-pong career. Even some top player like Xu Xin, prefer sticking with all wood players. To increase the speed, you can choose the 5+2 composition blade (5 layers of wood and 2 layers of ALC).
  • The carbon blade is hard and stiff. It’s not good for beginners. The hardness eliminates the feeling of the service and service return. The stiffness reduces the good vibration to your hand. All of these pieces of information are crucial to new players (to learn the techniques). Use only a carbon blade if you are the advanced player, and your playing style is more close-to-table hitters.
  • At present, composition blades (5+2) are the most popular not only for the amateur level but also among top professional players.


Difference between hardness and stiffness

They are not the same. New players often confront these 2 terms.

  • Hardness is the feeling of the outer-ply of your blade. It depends on the hardness of the outer-ply of your blade. The soft outer layer will give a softer feeling.
  • While stiffness depends on the composition, the thickness of the blade. The stiff blade doesn’t have vibrations. The carbon blade is stiff. And stiffness is the opposite of flexibility. The stiff blade is less flexible and inversely, the flexible blade is less stiff.
Acoustic Carbon ST blade is the personal blade of Mima Ito
Acoustic Carbon ST blade is the personal blade of Mima Ito

Top 10 professional table tennis blade

There are many good table tennis blades out there. All of these rackets share the same properties: Sharp feeling, clear vibration, and powerful! In general, there are some very good brands like Butterfly, Stiga, Double Happiness, Nittaku, Darker, OSP, Tibhar, Yasaka, and Donic. This list is not exclusive! You should consider it as the reference for the very good blades for a serious table tennis player!

  1. Butterfly Viscaria
  2. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit
  3. DHS Hurricane Long 5
  4. Butterfly Primorac
  5. Darker Speed 90
  6. Nittaku Acoustic
  7. Stiga Clipper/ Carbonado
  8. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood
  9. Stiga Offensive Classic
  10. Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon

1. Butterfly Viscaria

  • Weight 90g
  • Thickness: 5.8mm
  • Plies: 7 (5 wood plies; 2 Arylate-carbon)
  • Composition: Koto, ALC, Limba, Kiri, Limba, ALC, Koto
  • Fit well: with Tenergy rubbers
  • Playing style: topspin counter-attack style close to mid. Very strong on backhand attack
Composition of Viscaria blade (by Dan - Tabletennisdaily)
The composition of Viscaria blade (by Dan – Tabletennisdaily)
Butterfly Viscaria Composition - Thin ALC blade fast but good feeling and have rather flexible blade
Butterfly Viscaria Composition – Thin ALC blade fast but good feeling and have a rather flexible blade
Viscaria FL handle vs ST handle
Viscaria FL handle vs ST handle

Viscaria (read review/ price 1/ price 2) is no doubt one of the most famous blades of all time. It’s popularized by the 4th Grand Slam player Zhang Jike. This blade is very all-round. Fast, spinny, and very good for the backhand flick, and backhand topspin attack. I wouldn’t recommend this blade is if you are a beginner still learning the basic strokes. You would be better with a classic 5 plies wood like a Nittaku Acoustic or Violin. This is an all-time classic blade for offensive players!

Many pro players are using Viscaria
Many pro players are using Viscaria
Butterfly Viscaria - one of the best paddle right now
Butterfly Viscaria – one of the best blade right now (read review/ price 1/ price 2)

2. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit

  • Plies: 5W+2ALC
  • Thickness: 5.8mm
  • Head Size: (Medium size) 157x150mm
  • Weight: 87-93g
  • Composition:  koto 0.5mm – ALC 0.25mm – limba 0.5mm – Kiri 3.2mm – limbaALCkoto
  • Fit well: ESN, Tenergy rubbers
  • Playing style: topspin attack style close to mid. Balanced for both backhand and forehand.

Timo Boll Spirit (Read reviews/ FL handle/ ST handle) is supported by Timo Boll. It’s great for the European looping style of play. The blade has a good balance of speed and control. An overwhelming choice by many Butterfly sponsored players.

Note: Timo Boll is using the ST handle blade. While most Chinese players play the Timo Boll Spirit FL handle.

If your level is the intermediate level player to a national level, then this blade is for you. One of the best all-round blade in table tennis.

But if you found this blade is slow, then you can try Timo Boll ZLC (check price) or Zhang Jike ZLC (more info). Looping on both sides have a lot of control! When combined with ESN rubbers, or Tenergy rubbers, the racket creates heavy spin. This is a blade made for the playing style close to mid-distance.


butterfly timo boll spirit - flared handle
Butterfly Timo Boll spirit – flared handle (Read reviews/ FL handle/ ST handle)

3. DHS Hurricane Long 5 – Looping Machine

  • Weight 90-92g
  • Plies 5+2
  • Thickness 5.7-5.9 mm 
  • Composition: limba-ayous-arylate-ayous-arylate-ayous-limba 
  • Head size: Medium-Large 158 mm x 150 mm
  • Fit well with hard Chinese rubber on Forehand, ESN rubber on the backhand
  • Playing style: looping style mid to far. Favorite by forehand dominant player.
The head dimension of the Double Happiness racket
The head dimension of the Double Happiness racket
The composition 5+2 of Hurricane Long
The composition 5+2 of Hurricane Long

Hurricane Long 5 (Check price/ Read reviews) is a looping machine. It is fast but has excellent control! A good amount of flexibility makes easy to “spin” and “feel” the ball. Combined very well with hard rubber on Forehand H3NEO 40 degree, or Gold Arc 8 47-50 hardness). This blade is for looping style because it has a good dwell time and large head size.

DHS Hurricane Long V (5 Wooden + 2 Arylate-Carbon) OFF++ a looping machine blade for a serious player
DHS Hurricane Long V (5 Wooden + 2 Arylate-Carbon) OFF++ a looping machine blade for a serious player (Check price/ Read reviews)
DHS Hurricane Long V Hurricane Long 5 Chinese penhold Short Handle
DHS Hurricane Long V Hurricane Long 5 Chinese penhold Handle (check this version for Penhold player)
Chinese penhold handle with DHS code
Chinese penhold handle with DHS code
DHS HL5 code on the handle with 2 ALC layers visible
DHS HL5 code on the handle with 2 ALC layers visible
Ma Long portrait on the handle
Ma Long portrait on the handle

The biggest con of this blade is that it is really heavy and when you put 2 hard rubbers it goes around 200 grams. This blade is more for professional players, if you are new to the sport I don’t recommend it.

(Unboxing HL 5 by Tabletennis11)


4. Butterfly Primorac

  • Plies: 5 Wood layers
  • Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Made in: Japan
  • Weight: 88g-91g
  • Composition: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba
  • Fit well with Chinese rubbers

Primorac (Check price/ Read review) is one of the Butterfly’s overall best-selling shakehand blades. This blade provides good feel and control. It is an excellent all-round offensive blade. It’s the best-selling Butterfly blade for a reason – very well balanced – its 90g, very comfortable handle, good control, good speed, the feeling is pleasing. One of the best all-wood blade right now!

Composition of Butterfly Primorac FL Flared handle
The composition of Butterfly Primorac FL Flared handle
Butterfly Primorac 5 plywood offensive blade
Butterfly Primorac 5 plywood offensive blade but is slow for the modern game

However, for the new ball, you can consider the Primorac Carbon (review/ check price). This is a 5-Plies blade (3 Wood + 2 Composite). The composition exact is: (Hinoki 1.2mm, Tamca 0.25 mm, Kiri Core 4mm, Tamca 0.25 mm, Hinoki 1.2mm).

  • Plies: 3 Wood layers + 2 Composite
  • Thickness: 6.9mm
  • Made in: Japan
  • Weight: 88g-91g
  • Composition: cypress – carbon laminate – Kiri – carbon laminate – cypress
  • Fit well with Chinese rubbers on FH, ESN rubbers on BH
  • Dimension: 157mm x 150mm
Butterfly Primorac Carbon Composition with Carbon Fiber
Butterfly Primorac Carbon Composition with Carbon Fiber
Butterfly Primorac Carbon-FL AZ
Butterfly Primorac Carbon-FL AZ (review/ check price)

5. Nittaku Acoustic

  • Weight 85g
  • Speed: OFF-
  • Plies 5
  • Thickness 5.7mm
  • Composition: Limba Limba Tung Limba Limba
The composition of 5 ply Nittaku Acoustic
The composition of 5 ply Nittaku Acoustic
Acoustic - The Gem - One of the best 5 ply all round blade
Acoustic – The Gem – One of the best 5 plies all-round blade

The Nittaku Acoustic  (check price/ read review) is an amazing 5 Ply Offensive blade with Limba outer layers. It has an amazing feel with a very clear vibration. One of the old blade used by Ma Long. Power and speed are very good for an all-wood blade. The main strength is the feel and consistency. Great for developing players and advanced players. Very high build quality by Nittaku.

Nittaku Acoustic 5 ply wood Offensive - Flared handle
Nittaku Acoustic 5 plywood Offensive – Flared handle version (more info)

This blade is #1! If you have one, keep it as a gem. It’s a unique feeling, control is wonderful!

Nittaku Acoustic ST handle
Nittaku Acoustic ST handle – best blade for backhand slow loop spinny style (more info)

6. Darker Speed 90

  • Composition: 1-ply Kiso Hinoki 9mm
  • Weight 82g ~ 100g
  • Dimensions: ~ 158 x 150mm
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Suitable for strong offensive topspin attack
  • Speed: OFF to OFF+
  • Fit well with ESN and Japanese rubbers

This blade (Hinoki blade more info/ check price/ read review) is a legend! It’s the best one-ply Hinoki blade in the world!

Nothing can replace the feeling that you get from a Darker Speed 90 in your hand. This blade is highly dynamic, offering great touch and the slow speed at low impact and huge power with a high spin at high impact. The optimized thickness and shape provide a highly stable blade with the largest sweet spot. If you don’t like vibration, Darker Speed is for you! It gives virtually zero vibrations.

Darker - Unique feeling for serious table tennis player
Darker – Unique feeling for the serious table tennis player
Darker Speed 90 - offering great touch and slow speed at low impact, and huge power with high spin at high impact
Darker Speed 90 – offering great touch and the slow speed at low impact, and huge power with a high spin at high impact (more info/ check price)

7. Stiga Clipper

  • Rating: OFF
  • Thickness: 6.6mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Construction: 7-Ply
  • Composition: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba
  • Fit very well with Chinese rubber on Forehand, Tenergy rubber on the backhand

Stiga Clipper (Master FL handle, Champ Handle, CPen Chinese Penhold / read review) is a legend, used by many Chinese players. This blade is very popular in Asia. Used by Liu Guoliang, this blade is for players who want an all wood blade without sacrificing speed and power. Even in the modern plastic ball era, this blade is fast enough to compete with other offensive class carbon blades.

Stiga Clipper Classic - Old but very powerful. Real weapon in a good hand
Stiga Clipper Classic – Old but very powerful. The real weapon in a good hand

For the new poly ball, you can play with Stiga Clipper CR. Used by Gao Ning and several Chinese provincial team members.

Good alternative: Stiga Carbonado 145, and Stiga Rosewood NCT V.

Stiga Carbonado 145 - One of the best carbon blade of Stiga
Stiga Carbonado 145 – One of the best carbon blade of Stiga (more info)

8. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

  • Weight 85-90g
  • Speed: OFF to OFF-
  • Plies 5
  • Thickness: 6.2 mm
  • Composition: Limba-Limba-Ayous-Limba-Limba
  • Good dwell = good power, good short game
  • Fit very well with ESN medium hardness
  • FH: Donic Barracuda, Xiom Vega Asia
  • BH: Donic Barracuda, and another good ESN rubbers
Tibhar Stratus Power Wood core composition
Tibhar Stratus Power Wood core composition
This 5-ply Tibhar Stratus Power Wood offensive blade is characterized by an unlimited flexibility
This 5-ply Tibhar Stratus Power Wood offensive blade is a very good flexible blade

Pair Stratus Power (Check price/ more info) with medium hard tensors and it will make miracles for you. This is the most balanced blade. Its main strength is the control and spin ability. Very good for European, 2 wings looper style. There are few blades as consistent and reliable as this one.

9. Stiga Offensive Classic

Stiga Allround classic - one of the best 5 ply flexible blade
Stiga Allround classic – one of the best 5 plies flexible blade

The Stiga Allround Classic (check price/ read reviews) is a truly classic blade. The best choice for all levels. Strokes of all kinds can be executed with precision and quality. High-quality spinny loop, high arc attack, and spinny serve! The best all-round ALL blade! Suite well for beginners and intermediate players! Very balanced blade! Very spinny, good vibration!

I think a lot of people complain about the lack of speed but I don’t think that’s really a problem. It’s all about the techniques!

If you feel that you lack power in your shot, you should consider buying: Stiga Infinity VPS V or Stiga Allround Classic WRB.

10. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra

  • Number of Layers: 5 Wood
  • weights: 88-90g
  • Blade Type: OFF
  • thickness: 6mm
  • composition: walnut-spruce-ayous-spruce-walnut
  • fit very well with 2 Mark V on both sides
Ma Lin Yasaka -a blade with very good speed performance, in own attacks as well as in the important blocking play
Ma Lin Yasaka -a blade with very good speed performance, in own attacks as well as in the important blocking play

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (check price/ read review) is a fast blade with good speed and a large sweet spot. Many players in my club play with this blade. I’ve also tested it. Very good control, and spin. It’s light also. If you want a good and light blade, which is easy to flick, to drop shot, backhand smash, this blade is for you. However, far from away the table, it lacks a bit of power. I recommend this blade for new players, to intermediate player.

The center veneer is a little bit thicker and harder, which gives additional power. One of the best 5 plies blade! Not very stiff, well balanced. Suitable for close and play away from the table, for both celluloid 40 and new plastic 40+ ball. Its Stiffness allows for stable passive blocking. Solid quality blade. Great for looping close and mid-distance. The CPEN version is also very good.

YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Special Handle-Chinese Penhold
YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Special Handle-Chinese Penhold – One of the best offensive blade for penholder player (more info)

I recommend you upgrade Ma Lin Extra Offensive to the Ma Lin Soft Carbon (which is faster) for the new plastic ball. This is the blade of Mattias Falck.

Mattias Falck is using Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon as the personal blade
Mattias Falck is using Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon as the personal blade (more info) (read review)


MA LIN SOFT CARBON (Ply: 7 (5+2) Weight: 89 g) has the same outer veneer as the famous Ma Lin EXTRA blade. Its medium-soft characteristics are appreciated by players who want increased ball feel. It’s a little bit faster than the Ma Lin Extra due to 7 plies. In SOFT CARBON Yasaka is using a special, very thin Carbon fiber to improve the speed and enlarge the Sweet-spot.

Together with the thicker wooden middle core, it gives good power. The combination of the “power part” (carbon+thicker middle veneer) and the softer outer veneer makes Ma Lin SOFT CARBON the perfect choice for power players who need a good ball feel for best performance.



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    • It looks like Darker Liberta Synergy is good too and Joola Rossi Emotion? I’m planning to choose between this two because of the outerplies that can give feeling. I never tried to use Darker Liberta Synergy and I don’t know that’s the fact on this blade. Can you answer me if that’s the blade composition of this?

  1. Using Stiga Allround Classic with Black Donic Bluefire M1 on FH and Red DHS Neo H3 40 degree hardness on BH. The Stiga lack of speed is compensated by me playing placement at hard to reach near the edge & net play. You’ll need a bat that gives you lots of feeling to play the placement strategy.

    I’m luving it.

  2. Hi Coach,
    Do you like the new viscaria?
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  3. The Ma Lin Yasak blade is a really good blade. I have a pen holder version of it and the feel is just incredible. I use a Stiga Oversized Allround WRB handle blade. I love it. I own two of them. They are both getting old and I would like to get a new one but it is no longer being made. Can you suggest any oversized blades that feel like the Sitga Oversized blade?

  4. Hi Coach,

    What do you think about the waldner world champion 89(off) by Donic?

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    • Hello coach,
      I need to know about the comparison of timo boll alc and viscariya…which one is better coach….

  6. Hi, from the text I understans that without carbon is better, but in the first 3 places I see carbon blades. I am a bit confused.

  7. Hi, I am a beginner,I like to play forehand loop with lots of spin.I am thinking of using DHS w1030 blade with Mark 5 and DHS g888
    Is it a good combo?I am looking for something within 50 USD.Thank you.

  8. Coach why Timo Boll ALC is not included? I search the internet and I have read that it is widely use by Pros. In fact 12 Pros uses it including Timo Boll.

    • hi Ronald. Yes, Timo Boll ALC is one of the best blade. It’s like an upgrade version of the Timo Boll Spirit. Yes, It’s is the #2 in the list. 🙂 You are right! Timo Boll ALC is so so good right now!

    • Hi, I’m an intermediate player. My equipment before is Butterfly Viscaria but due to financial problems I sold it. Could you recommend me a blade that has a good feeling like Viscaria but a cheaper price. A good feeling, medium to high throw angle, good feeling and control, medium speed, high spin blade

  9. Hi Coach,
    I use to play with a DHS power G7 with Rakza 7 on both sides. But it use too heavy for me and was tough for me the lift the ball over the net on my backhand. To be very honest, i ma quite weak on my back hand. Right now, I use a Donic Senso Carbon blade. I use Xiom Vega Euro on FH & Andro Rasanter 37 on my BH. Is this a good set up? or the BH is too soft?I like to play topspin shots on my forehand. Please advise if i need to change my rubber or blade. I will change the rubber after 3 months from now as it shows signs of wear & tear.

  10. Coach,

    Would you consider doing an article on equipment / set-up for modern defensive players?

    So far, your article are geared towards the modern power looping style.

  11. Hi, Coach.

    Thank you for valuable information.
    But No. 9 seems to be explained something wrong. The title says Offensive Classic, while the photos and contents are for Allround Classic. Please check.
    I love your detailed analysis of TT and your passion about it!


    • Hi KS. You are right. For me, both Allround classic and OC are good. But for the new ball, we should use OC (beginners). Allround classic is too slow with the bigger ball.

  12. Hi. In regards of blades, what about DHS Power G7 and what rubbers to combine in the FH and BH if you consider an offensive player? Thanks

  13. Hi EmRatThich, I would like to know if Butterfly Primorac or Stiga Offensive Classic is more flexible and perceivable. Still I need to improve my strokes.

    • so I couldn’t wait for your reply and I bought a Stiga Offensive Classic WRB blade with forehand Hurricane 3 Neo 2.1mm black commercial ~51° (ESN) + backhand Stiga Mantra M 2.1mm red ~49°. I must say i would like to buy Butterfly Primorac but in Germany Butterfly is really expensive. But after reading and watching for maybe 60 hours all your recourses i can’t make a big mistake. Now i can’t blame my Equipment, all i need is seriously training.

  14. Hi Coach – thank you for the article.
    Two questions:
    1) Which rubbers would you pair with the Acoustic?
    2) Do you have any thoughts on the OSP Virtouso OFF- blade?
    Thank you.

    • Hi James,

      OSP Virtuoso OFF- is a good blade. Not too fast, good feeling, faster than OSP Expert.
      Very good blade for beginners.

      For acoustic, you can try Stiga Mantra for the backhand, and DHS H3 for the forehand.

  15. Dear Emrattich !

    Why did you forget about Stiga Carbonado 45 ???
    Used by a lot of Chinese top players :
    Sun Yingsha
    Cheng Meng
    Zhu Yuling

    • OSP Expert is a big head ALLROUND blade. Good feeling, so many spin, many flexible. For new player, it’s very good.
      For intermediate player, it’s too slow. OSP Expert is good for forehand, but for backhand, it’s too big, and not as fast.
      I will say YES for someone learning.

    • Hi coach.. I am beginner in table tennis. I am dominant in backhand player. Give me advice which blades are good for my setup in beginner so i can develop my technique. Tks

    • For the long term, you should play Viscaria (best blade for backhand attack). If you are beginner, you can play OSP Virtuoso (Small head), good for backhand topspin.

  16. Dear Coach,

    I began playing table tennis a couple of years ago – after thirty years of pause…
    And I now both play for myself and as a trainer.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful intelligent video explanations of (Chinese) philosophy of table tennis! I have learned so much the past week from your videos! And I am happy to say that you explanations generally support, what I have been teaching our young players for the past couple of years. + I learn much more from you. Thanks so much..

    I bought a table tennis bat in China ten years ago, but I don’t know if it is a good choice for me to play with. I think that it works for me, but as I have been learning from you that one should rather prefer a more flexible and not so offensive bat, I wonder, if I should perhaps buy a less offensive bat.

    Do you by any chance know the bat, which is called zhong hui, FL, “Off”?

    I have kept a 729 on my bh and just bought a Rakza 7 for my fh.

    Can you comment?

    Lars, Denmark

  17. What do you think of Innerforce ZLC. I bought used from a friend about 4 years ago who said it was too fast for him. I like. Has good control and feeling to me. I use Tenergy 05. I heard that a lot of coaches recommend this blade for their students. I am not a beginner, having played for many years.

  18. Tibhar rápido Carbon.
    Com blue firme m3
    Aurus sound.
    Como melhorar o controle…mudar pra Madeira off ou alround?

    • Hi Coach 🙂
      I’m playing with DHS PG9, FH H8, BH H3-50.
      I feel PG9 has some more speed and more linear, less vibration than Viscaria which I really love.
      I dont know any higher quality blade that similar to PG9, can you recomend me some? I tried PG7 but dont like it because I feel it slower than my PG9 (all 90gr)

  19. Do ping pong paddles make difference?
    in one of your article, I see that you differentiate the difference between ping pong and table tennis, and you state that blue sandpaper bats are the standard ping pong paddles.
    But why I don’t see any article write about sandpaper bats,
    how many kinds of sandpaper bats? What makes it different?
    how to choose the best ping pong paddles?

  20. Hi Coach
    Can you compare the butterfly viscaria and the stiga carbonado 145 . Which of these two blades is better in terms of quality and durability ? I am a spin/loop based player .
    thank you

  21. Hi Coach
    Is it good to buy used blades if you can get them 30% cheaper? the blade has only been used for a few weeks.

    thank you

  22. Yes. It’s good! to buy a used blade! Nothing wrong if you buy a used blade. Just profit and buy that blade! I’ve also often bought a used blade with 50% reduction. Like a Viscaria with only 60USD instead of 130USD.

    • Thanks for informative analysis
      Iam pro vet national player
      Hard hitter on both flanks
      And play near the table
      Presently using andro treiber z/Donic baumEsprit
      I feel butterfly viscera Alcohol should suit me but I’m confused and feel u could best advise me of any other
      Suitable medium priced blade to my requirements as below
      Head light, long fl/st handle, hard top less than 6mm the, high sweet area well tested
      Control 95+,speed 100+,spin95+,minimum wt, stiff next GEN blade for pro
      If possible options of brands German make
      Please advise

  23. Hi, Coach Emratthich,
    your coaching videos and information is too good for armature players.
    What about Stiga Carbonado 145, is it used by Fan Zhendong? which rubber suits for this blade for both FH and BH, for armature players.
    Please suggest good rubbers
    Thanks with Regards

  24. Hi, Coach EmRatThich!
    Please tell, what rubber fits well with Nittaku Acoustic?
    Is cheap Chinese rubber like DHS PF4, or Friendship 729 FX Bluesponge (about 12 dollars each) suitable for this blade?
    Or what rubber will You recommend for Nittaku Acoustic?
    Thank you very much for your work!

  25. Hi Coach
    Can u please compare the stiga carbonado 145, butterfly jun mizutani super ZLC and butterfly viscaria ? which blade has larger sweetspot and is more durable? which do you recommend? I am a mid distance looper .
    thank you

  26. What about Nittaku Barwell and Barwell Fleet, many people said it’s a good blade, balance between spin, speed and control.

    • Thank you Victor A, You are right. I’ve fixed the Primorac composition, and the Primorac carbon: cypress – carbon laminate – kiri – carbon laminate – cypress

  27. Hi Coach 🙂
    Thank you so much for all your post from beggining.
    I just wanna ask because you have so much information
    My setup is DHS PG9, FH H8, BH H3-50.
    Do you know any better blade have the same ply Koto-Ayousx5-Koto? I tried PG7 or Viscaria (all 88-90gr) but they not suited me 🙂 PG9 have more speed and some less vibration which I really like it.

    • Ah, I know your feeling. Your love, hard, fast rubber, but solid feeling. So you love 7 layers, and 9 layers blade. You don’t like Viscaria, PG7, due to it’s 5.8mm.
      OK, you can try Zhang Jike Super ZLC, it’s harder, less vibration, or try Stiga CLipper?,

    • Thanks for your reply
      I tried Clipper CR from (VNmese youth team coach – Ha Bui)’s son but I have to put so much power to get speed
      My real problem is the PG9 have the bad finished quality (it is the cheap blade, of course) so I wanna ask for any blade that have the same construction but better quality?
      Anyway, does the super ZLC fit with tacky chinese rubber? I never try super zlc before 🙂

  28. Hi Coach, All your articles are informative. Can you please write an article on affordable but good Chinese blades and rubbers which could be clones of top end blades and rubbers of top European brands. For example blades and rubbers from Chinese companies such as Yinhe, DHS, Friendship, Sanwei & Palio. We found some products are as good as costly brands. Thanks in advance 🙂

  29. Hi dear coach
    First of all i want to thank you about all usefull and good information that you give us to improve our selves and take our level to higher level.
    Second.i see a already said that you should not choose too fast blade(off+or off++) you should choose a blade with good feeling and good control.but you place the hurricane long 5 in the top10.which all of us know it is a off++ what do we do?what difference is between long5 and a too fast blade like sardius?
    I follow your information very carefully because i dont have a coach.i wish that you were here……….

    • Sardius is a very hard, and thick carbon blade. It’s too fast, and is only good if you are the hitter. While the Hurricane Long is a good looping blade (due to larger head). It’s fast, but a very good blade.

  30. Hi coach i used to like ping pong years ago.. but since
    I saw your YouTube’s videos, now I really love table tennis! Love your teaching style! it is not just technical like others, but full of extra things that make you unique. Sadly, now I have the EJ virus 🙈. For my hinoki miyabi 1ply what rubbers are great for intermediate shakehand offensive player??

  31. Hai coach,
    Is Stiga Nostalgic offensive is suitable for chinese’s hard tacky rubbers? The blade construction is wenge tanne ayous tanne wenge.
    I need a good feeling blade to play 40+ plastic ball like My previous blade, Stiga Offensive Classic.

  32. Hello Coach,
    Is Stiga Nostalgic Offensive is suitable for chinese’s hard tacky ru bber on the FH and Stiga Mantra M on the BH?
    FYI, the blade construction is wenge tanne ayous tanne wenge. The construction is similiar to Stiga Offensive Classic except for the topply.

  33. Hi Coach,
    Thank you so much for this article, it has been very interesting to read!
    I have played with the Evolution mxs on forehand but because of the new ball I want to switch to a Chinese rubber. Right now I am testing the Dhs neo Hurricane 3 commercial and I am planning to switch to the provincial version with the orange sponge within a couple of weeks. My blade is the Waldner senso carbon.
    Do you think, this blade is suited for using a hard chinese rubber or should I start using another blade?
    By the way, I have already tried a Clipper Wood, 92g, but in combination with the hard rubber the racket is too stiff, I am not good enough!

    • Hi Miron,
      Waldner senso carbon is not good for Chinese rubbers. I’ve tested it, and I hate this blade. Not too fast, but thin, and rigid. I think you can try Viscaria, lighter, fast but good feeling.

  34. Hi Coach,
    i’m looking for a new cpen blade to develop my techniques, especially the rpb.I think my game play lacks in consistency, due to a quite stiff blade. So I would like to change to a spin and control-oriented blade which I can combine with hard chinese tacky rubbers. For better understanding I am holding the blade with three fingers stretched on the backhand side like xuxin. Could you recommend some blade’s?

    • Wow thanks for the fast reply.That’s really amazing!!!
      My current blade is the stiga intensity NCT with a hurricane 3 on the forehand and the Xiom Vega pro on the backhand side.
      Cause nearly nobody is using penhold grip I have to teach myself all the techniques from watching videos and experimenting while training. So I have to rely a lot on the feeling for spin.
      Thanks for your recommendation I think I’m going to give the yasaka Malin extra offensive a try.

    • How about stiga nostalgic offensive? I think it is really a good blade. Substitution of stiga stiga OC for 40+ plastic ball

  35. Dear Coach,

    I asked you about the difference between Viscaria and Timo Boll ALC. I am still waiting your answer.


  36. Hi Coach,

    Thank you for your articles, I love them. I was playing with all wood – 7 ply (DHS PG7) with DHS H3 neo on FH, and 729 Focus 3 on BH. I like to play short to mid distance from table mostly topspin and counters on both FH,BH. I thought to improve spin and speed on my shots and have ordered a 5+2 composite blade now i.e., DHS Hurricane 301 and and thinking to pair it with Goldarc 8 on FH and Xiom Vega pro on BH. Is this a wrong decision that I made? Does this combination is well enough to go to ? Or could I have chosen something like Stiga clipper CR/VPS infinity ?

    With warm regards,

  37. I am using Zhang Jike Super ZLC with hurricane 3 national blue sponge FH and dignic 05 BH. I felt a little bit numb unlike my harimoto and gergely maybe because the blade is too stiff. Is there other rubber set up that fits the Zhang Jike Super ZLC well?

  38. What is the wood in center core of stiga old blades? Spruce? Limba? What?
    I made some blades that had limb-limba- maple-limba-limba and they were too hard because of the very hard maple 1/8” center. Maybe a 7 ply 3limba then spruce center then 3 Limba would have touch & feel?

  39. I would like to thank you coach for sharing TONS of useful knowledge about ping pong. I feel I can’t thank you enough for making me reaching my current level. Too bad that You are not a penholder player, so uh, I did some research about top penholder player and experimenting – doing some micro adjustment on my grip to fix my RPB and phew… somehow it’s getting better!

    I still have a lot to learn. But hey, back to the topic. Yes I’m agree, I’m a penholder. Progressing alot using all wood Blade: Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive, DHS Hurricane 3 Prov as FH rubber and Nittaku FastArc G1 as BH rubber.

    As penholder things are rather different. To utilize RPB, lighter blade is needed. Unless You have the stamina and strength to swing consistently with heavy blade (especially on wrist and shoulder when you are 2 wings looper). That’s why I can play far better with YEO than Clipper CPen. With 15 gr difference, the reaction time is better going with the lighter one.

    But well, still learning here. I would like to hear some experience from any fellow cpenholder

  40. Hi, coach I am currently using viscaria , I am thinking to change to another blade with higher dwell time and good control , can you help me ?

  41. Hello coach, I really like all your articles. I have a question about the Viscaria. What rubbers would you suggest to use on them?
    Thank you very much. Fabio

  42. Sorry me again…I have seen you suggest Tenergy rubbers. Which ones for FH an BH? What do you think using Stiga Mantra H on FH and BH? Thanks a lot. Fabio

  43. Hello, has anyone used the blades Carbonado 145/245, DHS Hurricane Long V and the Nittaku Acoustic and could give me some opinion. Thanks a lot. Fabio

  44. Hi, Coach,
    First of all, I really would like to thank you for your lessons. I’ve improved more in two months than I did in three years training with a coach. Power from the ground and footwork training surely have taken my table tennis to another level.
    Having said that, I would like to ask you which rubber without boosting would you recommend for a Jpen Butterfly Cypress G-Max?
    Will chinese rubber be a good combination with this blade?
    Best regards and god bless you, coach.

  45. Does anyone know anything about the quality and playability of the Butterfly Cypress X from the 70’s? Thanks

  46. Thanks for helpful and professional information, I need to ask what about “Maharu Yoshimura Limited Edition” its the same as Apolonia ZLC and Innerforce zlc but what it the differences, and is the Limited edition is premium quality ?

  47. Recently, I followed ERT’s recommendation and bought set up number ten, i.e., Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive all-wood five ply shakehand version and assembled two pieces of Yasaka Mark V rubber on both side of the blade.

    Below is what my sparring partner had to say about this set-up:

    “Seems Yasaka is more spinny and yet its projection is lower and faster too… If u hit the sweet spot its projectile can be very low and when it hits the table it’s mostly at the end of the table and then it just spins off the table…”

  48. hello coach,can you make an article about dhs w968?i heard it was softer,slower and more dwell time than long 5…More reason to prove your point about flexible and hard rubber combination since ma long uses it.hehe..thanks coach

    • Hi Coach,

      In this article you say about Donic, but no Donic Blade ini 10 list?
      And what do you think about Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed, ini my county this Blade ia populer, and my coach recommend me to use it.
      Now i use Donic OCS with FH 729 Super FX Blue Spons & BH MarkVAD

  49. I got caught 1ply virus, because Darker Speed 90 is now rare and pricey, I bought Nittaku Miyabi last month.
    I put Stiga Mantra M on both FH/BH, in hope I can learn control and spin at first. But I feel like it’s harder to control, I am not sure whether it’s because I am not mastering it yet or because the combination of the blade & the rubbers.
    Do you have any suggestion Coach?

    • Hi
      I’m having a Nitakku Acoustic Carbon blade, which rubber would best suit the looping topspin with best kick? Or should I switch to a more flexible blade+hard rubber?
      Will Dhs hurricane 3 / Nittaku DHS 3 blue sponge turbo, Battle 2 or Yasaka markV, tibhar mx-p GO with the Chinese style and above blade?

  50. Hola, uso Jun Mizutani Super ZLC con Tenergy 05 Hard mm Máx de derecha y Dignics 05 mm Máz de revés.
    ¿Qué opinión te merece ésta combinación?

    ¿Hay alguna opción mejor para el juego offensivo?

  51. Hola, uso Jun Mizutani Super ZLC con Tenergy 05 Hard mm Máx de derecha y Dignics 05 mm Máz de revés.
    ¿Qué opinión te merece ésta combinación?

    ¿Hay alguna opción mejor para el juego offensivo?

  52. Ma lin soft carbon is better than ma lin carbon? (same composition than innerforce layer alc, but this last is too flexible)


  53. Hi coach,
    I am intermediate chinese penholder. My current blade is yasaka Ma Lin Carbon with DHS skyline TG3 Neo as FH rubber and later i added Yasaka 7 as BH rubber. But I feel better play with Yasaka 7 as my FH rubber. Can u recommend rubbers that seem suit me, i plan to change the chinese rubber since its tackiness decrease so fast due to dusty. thanks.

    • mostly i do spinny ball return to my opponent too.
      i can do well backhand smash with my FH rubber (not reverse penhold backhand), and i plan to start practising reverse penhold backhand to improve my play

  54. Hi Coach
    I am playing FH loop attack (90%) and long pimples on BH for attacking as well. I have read your comment about Nittaku Acoustic blade which I think might suitable to me because I like feeling, control and spin on my game. Can you give me some ideas for this combination. Thanks you.

  55. Hi Coach
    I am having a combo of Stiga AC blade with Hurricane 3 40° on my FH, doing 90% attacking in a game, and long pimples on my BH for attacking as well. I am an intermediate level player seeking for consistency development. Now looking for a faster blade but also need a lot of CONTROL, FEELING and SPIN. I am thinking of Nittaku Acoustic, is it suitable for my style? Or any other blades more ideal. Thanks.

  56. Hi coach,
    What would you recommend to put on a Stiga Waldner Dicon blade for the new trend in TT? How about Stiga Mantra H/M on FH/BH? Any alternatives?

  57. In your article you state that the quality of the blades wood makes about 80% of the performance and the rubber only 20%. Seems a bit odd to me as the main factor and contact surface is, well, the rubber. It’s like saying “The rims of a car contribute about 80% of the the tires performance on the street, the rubber only 20%”
    Like in this video, the guy also states that the woods quality is not such an important factor

  58. I am playing from last 2 years and now using “STIGA CLASSIC OFFENSIVE CARBON MASTER” blade. Forehand rubber is “tibhar genius” and backhand is “yasaka rakza”. Normally I like to play loop and prefer spin rather that speed. Can you please tell me whether it is a good combination or not.

  59. Hi Coach,

    I am an Intermediate, Shake Hand, Short Pips Player. Strong in playing close to the table on BH & with commanding FH Looping. Thinking to get a new racket with,
    1. FH – DHS Hurricane Neo 3 (Black)
    2. BH – Friendship 802-40 (Red – Short Pips)
    3. Blade – Stiga Offensive Classic (Wooden ALL To ALL+)

    Happy to hear your advice on this decision.


  60. Mr. EmRatThich….you mentioned that if your buying an expensive blade you recommend Zhang Jike ZLC. How does this one compare to Apolonia Zlc and Jun Mitzutani Zlc? I’m an intermediate player who likes looping, spinning and good ball placement. I’m leaning towards Apolonia Zlc because it offers me all the characteristics of a ZLC blade minus a bit of speed but with better control. Many pro women use Interforce Zlc which is very similar Apolonia. What are you thoughts and recommendations?


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