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The best ways athletes mentally prepare for table tennis competition

The best ways athletes mentally prepare for table tennis competition. Some players are very strong during the practice, but very weak during the real match. Why?

Preparing mentally is an important part of how well an athlete does. You can turn negative energy into focus and confidence by using techniques like visualizing, listening to music and talking positively to yourself. This will help you play your best during a table tennis match. To get your mind ready for an important tournament, make a routine, get a good night’s sleep the night before, and meditate to help you focus.

01 Listening to the music

To deal with strong feelings, listen to some music. Make or find a playlist to listen to before the game, whether you need soothing music to calm your nerves or pumped-up music to get you ready. If you need to bring your nervous energy back down to a healthy level, listen to instrumental music or songs with positive, encouraging lyrics.

Miwa Harimoto listening to music and dancing
Miwa Harimoto listening to music and dancing

The favorite routine of Miwa Harimoto is listening to music and dancing. This is the mentally prepared routine of Miwa Harimoto before any table tennis competition.

02 Focus on technique and visualize your performance

If you think too much about winning or losing, you won’t be able to focus on what you need to do physically. It’s important to learn to ignore things you can’t change, like the weather or the landscape. Pay attention to the small things you need to do well in competition. Instead of trying to picture the end result, think about the steps you need to take to get there. Focus on table tennis techniques like serve, serve return, and tactics is very important in table tennis.

Tomokazu Harimoto practices before the important match
Tomokazu Harimoto practices before the important match

Think about how you’ll do in a real table tennis match. Before a competition, a lot of talented athletes do something called “visualization.” They think about what could go wrong and how they would handle it. This helps athletes respond quickly when they are put in the same situation for real. This will also reduce the stress, the tension during the real match.


Watch this video, Miwa Harimoto dancing before the real table tennis competition:



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