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Many players have sent me their appreciations for my tutorial table tennis videos. Thank you very much.

Your feedback is the main motivation that I make this “PingSunday” table tennis blog. I’m really happy that my videos are useful, which can help you improve your table tennis skills fast.

I make free coaching videos during my spare time in the weekend. Many of you have encouraged me to continue, and keep it up. (Want to know more about me?) Ask me any question.

Please let me know that how you improve your level? How do you feel about my coaching? Why is it useful? Good experience?

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Your appreciations to PingSunday

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Awesome work… Outstanding explanation beyond technical, precise and easy to understand .. You’re the best coach I’ve ever seen…. Keep up the great work!!!

The Legend of EmRatTich Table Tennis Coach!

I was introduced to table tennis very casually at school and quickly fell in love. I did not have professional coaching so I watched alot of videos. Of the many videos out there, I was particularly drawn by the “table tennis love” from the ERT page. Table tennis has become a way of life for me and EmRatTich Table Tennis Coach has helped me live that.

Bardzo interesujący kanał. Można poznać wiele sekretów Chińskiego Tenisa Stołowego.

Hi coach! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the game. I had been floundering around in division 2 for a long time going nowhere! After watching and applying your principles I have started division 1 this year 2018 and already ranked 5th!! I’m a bigger boy (110kg at best) 35yr old. So it goes to show that no matter your age, size, color or skill level you can still improve! “How to improve fast” my favorite

D’abord un grand merci pour tes vidéeos toutes aussi pertinantes les unes des autres.
Ta série sur power from the ground m interpelle énormément car si je comprends bien le principe, la mise en oeuvre est plus compliquée. En effet, j ai beaucoup de mal a dissocier la rotation des épaules (plus naturelle) de la rotation des hanches avant/pendant la frappe.
Et encore mille mercis pour tout ce que tu fais.

Wow that is really informative coach. I never thought of that. I will try my best to incorporate your tactics in my personal training and matches. You’re knowledge and experience really is helpful to further develop my skills in table tennis. Thanks to you my coach from the other side of our planet.

thank you Emrathich table tennis coach its been a great help to us and add knowledge about table tennis. from coach DARWIN UY of Philippines

Best coach. In depth and well explained Usefull for all levels of table tennis.

Hi coach. i’m a new table tennis player. The first three months i just play like a shit, i can’t event smash the ball. but i suddently watch your videos and it really helps me a lot. You teach us how to play table tennis correctly. Now i can play on the local club in my city. thanks a lot

Ben j’ai essayé de mettre en œuvre aujourd’hui son conseil (de footwork) après le service et ça a vraiment aidé. Mon pourcentage de démarrage était plus élevé que d’habitude et la qualité aussi était meilleure.
Merci ERT

Uno de los mejores coach del mundo

I have changed my rubber to DHS Hurricane 3 provincial about 2-3 months ago. So now I feel a difference between Chinese and European techniques. Chinese is more comfortable for me now

Your videos are awesome. They are of great help especially to ‘nobody’like me who started to love the game. These exciting raffle of yours mean so much to me. Your gifts would be of help not just to me but to our athletes who can’t afford to buy one. Looking forward to a pair of blade and rubber from you.. Thank you and more power!

Thank u for online coaching.
I have seen almost all video on YouTube.
I learn lot of thing.
I was just blocker but now I can attack too.

I have learnt many basic stuffs from your videos which i made mistakes or probably, its not taught properly in our country. I closely watch many times to understand each and everything and that improved my game. The techniques, the hows and whys of the game is all what you need to know.Thank you for sharing all this information. Someone like you is very much needed who can guide us in the right direction.

I’m a beginner that wanted to advance too quickly. I wanted to jump past basics and purchase new equipment until I started watching your channel. You have contributed to the improvement of my basic skills. Now ping pong is more fun! I’m glad you care enough to make detailed videos to help people enjoy the table tennis sport!

Good insight. well articulate

I'm a huge fan of your videos and blog. Thank you SOOOOOOO Much! You now have given me a lot of confidence to stop EJ'ng with blades and just practice practice practice!

Thank you for making these videos. I had a few coaches in US and spend lot of money and I didn't learn as much as from your work. Amazing !!!
In 2 weeks watching and applying 5 key point my rating went 200 points up. Please continue with your great videos!


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