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Tenergy 05 Hard Butterfly Review, Is it worth buying?

In April 2018, Butterfly Table Tennis has announced a new coming “Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard Version” in the list of the authorized racket covering (LARC by ITTF). Because Tenergy 05 is one of the best backhand rubber on the market right now. So why did Butterfly introduce this NEW Tenergy 05 Harder version? What are the advantages of this version versus the normal Tenergy 05 version? Here is the review.

Tenergy 05 Hard vs Tenergy 05 Normal vs Tenergy 05 FX

So until now, there are 3 types of Tenergy 05 rubbers (with different sponge hardness)

  • Tenergy 05 Hard (firmer sponge – sponge hardness 43)
  • Tenergy 05 (normal version – sponge hardness 36)
  • and Tenergy 05 FX (softer version – sponge hardness 32)
Sponge Hardness - Ten05 Hard vs Ten05 vs Ten05 FX
Sponge Hardness – Ten05 Hard vs Ten05 vs Ten05 FX

Both of these 3 types (Ten05 Hard, Ten 05, and Ten05 FX) have the same topsheet.

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Product nameTenergy 05 Hard
Read reviewsReviews 1
Check PricePrice 1/ Price 2
Release dateNovember 1, 2018 (Available on Amazon/ MegaspinButterfly Store)
typeHigh tension pimple in rubber
technologyHigh tension, spring sponge

Here is the performance rating of Tenergy 05 Hard (provided by Butterfly Catalogue 2019). These ratings are based on the Butterfly R&D Team. By doing several tests, they have provided this rubber chart.

Sponge hardness43
Sheet colorRed (006), black (278)
Sponge Thickness2.1 mm
Fabrication countryJapan


Tenergy 05 Hard - Performance
Tenergy 05 Hard – Performance

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard | Unboxing and First Impressions

Dan of TableTennisDaily has made a nice unboxing and review of the Tenergy 05 Hard.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard | Unboxing and First Impressions

Watch this video.


TENERGY 05 Normal spec

Here is the performance test of the Butterfly Tenerg 05 (Normal version).

Tenergy 05 - Performance
Tenergy 05 – Performance

TENERGY 05 FX spec

Compared to Tenergy 05, Tenergy 05 FX offers a more “all-round” ability. The ease of blocking and short game has been improved.

Tenergy 05 FX - Performance
Spec Chart of Tenergy 05 FX – Performance

Comparison between Ten05 Hard, Ten05, and Ten05 fx

Ten05 Hard vs Ten05 vs Ten05 FX
Ten05 Hard vs Ten05 vs Ten05 FX

Here is the comparison chart of these 3 types of Tenergy 05.

As expected, the Tenergy 05 Hard performs very well at (strength and advantages):

  • Ease of counter looping (yes! Harder sponge helps a lot)
  • Ease of Short Game (due to harder sponge, less bouncy at the soft touch)
  • Ease of Fast Loop (like counter looping, the player feels safer to close more the racket’s angle)

However, there is some weakness of the Tenergy 05 Hard:

  • Difficult to smash (Yes! You need to apply more direct force to get the same speed as using Tenergy 05 normal version)
  • Harder to block (The same! You need to be more active to block! Otherwise, the ball will drop to the net often)
  • Less Spin on service (For the softer touch, Ten05 Hard produces less spin. But it increases the speed at counter loop)


So if your playing style relies on the service, and spin variation, you should choose the Tenergy 05 Normal version. But if you win the points more with power and speed (counter-attack style), you should choose Tenergy 05 Hard.

Tenergy Rubber Mass and Density Comparison

BrandModelSponge Thickness (mm)Mass (g)Sponge density (g/cm2)
ButterflyTenergy 05 HARD2.1760.255
ButterflyTenergy 052.1700.235
ButterflyTenergy 05 FX2.1670.225
ButterflyTenergy 802.167.50.227
ButterflyTenergy 80 FX2.164.50.217
ButterflyTenergy 642.1650.218
ButterflyTenergy 64 FX2.1620.208
ButterflyTenergy 252.1720.242
ButterflyTenergy 25 FX2.1690.232


So Butterfly wants to introduce the new Tenery 05 rubber with the harder sponge! And the topsheet is the same! But why?

Sponge and pimple structure of the Tenergy 05. Pimple has 1.7mm size.
Sponge and pimple structure of the Tenergy 05 Hard. A pimple has 1.7mm size.

Is Tenergy 05 Hard sponge too firm?

The SpinArt sponge has 48 hardness degrees, while the normal version of Tenergy 05 has 36 hardness degrees. So Tenergoy 05 Hard with 43 hardness is something between SpinArt and Tenergy 05. So for me, 43 hardness scale is the right scale for the new poly ball. It’s not too hard!

Tenergy 05 Hard Product Release date in November 2018
Tenergy 05 Hard Product Release date in November 2018

As I’ve explained before, that before this official version of Tenergy 05 Hard, many professional players have used the Hard Version of Tenergy 05!

Pro players already used “Tenergy 05 Pro version” before 2015

The pro version is only available for the sponsored players, which is not available on the market. This version is much harder than the commercial version, confirmed by Timo Boll.

Professional players using Tenergy 05 Hard

Many top players who are sponsored by Butterfly like Timo Boll, Marcos Freitas, Harimoto Tomokazu, Lee Seung Soo, Wong Chun Ting, Chuang Chi Yuan, Tiago Apolónia, etc, already have the “Tenergy 05 Hard” in their hand before us 🙂

Top table tennis players who is using Tenergy 05 Hard
Top table tennis players who are using Tenergy 05 Hard

For example, Marcos Freitas has posted his “professional version” of Tenergy 05.

Or Tomokazu Harimoto also has his custom Tenergy 05 version. Miu Hirano also used the Tenergy rubbers (pro version).

Why firmer sponge Tenergy 05?

As I have explained previously, with the new Poly ball used in table tennis, this shift is necessary.

As many table tennis brands like (Donic, Stiga, Andro) have introduced their “P-series rubbers” for the new poly ball.

And now, Butterfly can’t go outside of this trend! They want to join the market with their leadership product Tenergy 05!

And here you are, “Tenergy 05 Hard version”!

Tenergy 05 Hard will be available for all of us!
Tenergy 05 Hard will be available for all of us!

The new ball which is harder, heavier, thicker has made the “new trends in table tennis”. This trend affects not only the table tennis coach, athletes to change their techniques, but also the table tennis equipment.

Notes: Search “new trends pingsunday” to understand more what needs to change in terms of your table tennis techniques.

Tenergy 05 is not hard enough

This is the smart move of Butterfly to offer the player the harder version of Ten05. Because the Tenergy 05 normal version is not hard enough for this modern game.

Nowadays, with the 40+ ball, every player like to hit very hard! They want to hammer every shot at any distance! This is the new style in table tennis!

Not only the pro players, but the competitive players want to use the hard version! It’s a confirmed trend!

Tenergy 05 Hard Black and Red Rubber
Tenergy 05 Hard Black and Red Rubber

Who should use Tenergy 05 Hard?

With the harder sponge, the Tenergy 05 Hard is, no doubt, for intermediate players and advanced players.

The player who has a high swing speed can opt for this hard version. However, a harder sponge means heavier, and harder to control at a short distance!

If you find that it’s too difficult for you to handle this, you can try the normal Tenergy 05 version or even the Tenergy 05 FX.

Choose the hardness scale that fits your style and your level!

TENERGY 05 HARD《テナジー05ハード》回転性能にさらなる威力を追求

Watch this video.


How to protect the topsheet of Tenergy 05 Hard

This rubber is made of a very delicate topsheet. During several hours of use, it is easily vulnerable to the broken rubber edge, loss of grippy topsheet surfaceTo protect the rubber, after use, I recommend you guard the rubber in a dry situation. And always using the film for protection.

Table Tennis Protector Film
Table Tennis Protector Film

The sticky film can help to protect the topsheet surface of the butterfly rubbers (check price). It’s not expensive but is necessary. Like your blade, the rubber doesn’t like the humidityButterfly also recommends players glue the rubber correctly. They explained, “to maintain the incredible ‘Spring Sponge’ feel, please use Free Chack II when you glue perfectly Tenergy rubbers to a blade.”.

You should also combine the Tenergy 05 Hard rubbers on the right blade. Check here for the top 10 blades that professional players use.



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  1. I’m using Xiom Hibi O Tour JPen hino kinoki 10mm and I am contemplating changing the rubber to 2.1mm Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard.
    Will the combined thickness of the blade, sponge & rubber be a problem?

  2. Coach
    very helpful thanks for your thoughts
    Question would you recommend Tenergy hard (43) for black forehand and Tenergy Med (36) red for backhand. In another post you mention that the difference should only be +2. I am a beginner/intermediate player looking to improve quickly. Will I notice such a big difference between 43 and 36 to make it feel strange? Also I am considering a flexible all-wood bat such as the Timo Ball allrounder. Thanks for your thoughts here….

    • Hello. You are right. In general, you can use both Ternergy Normal for both Forehand and Backhand. Tenergy Hard is used to counter attack with the new ball.
      So if you style relies on counter attack, use Ten Hard. If you want to loop, topspin on FH, use Ten Normal.

  3. i have tried 05 harder its only for player who want to finish the ball with more powerflul that ruuber less spin and speed good for cunter spin drive but not that for players who love to spin the ball many attacking like china rubber or 05 rubber

  4. Hello coach,
    What tenergy rubber suits my playing style (counter-driver) like mima ito. And can you suggest blades for me too.
    Hope to hear from you coach.

    Much love,
    Angelo Galamgam

  5. Different manufactures use different durometer systems to measure/rate the sponge hardness of their rubber products (e.g., Shore A, Shore O, Asker C, Asker E, etc.). DHS sponge hardness typically ranges from 35 to 42, presumably based on the Shore A scale. You’ve reported that Butterfly rates its hard, normal and soft Tenergy 05 sponge as 43, 36 and 32 hardness, respectively (possibly using the Asker E scale). Do you know DHS sponge hardness that’s equivalent to the Butterfly 43 hardness of Tenergy 05 hard? (I’ve been assuming it’s roughly 37-39 to avoid issues such as boosting, etc.). Thanks in advance for considering this query. m2

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