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Team Japan is very motivated for the Houston WTTC 2021

The Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTA) has unveiled its lineup for the highly anticipated 2021 World Table Tennis Championship, which will take place in Houston this November. As a world-class team, the Japanese men’s table tennis team has sent all active players to participate.

Team Japan composition at Houston WTTC 2012

The following players have confirmed their participation in the famous event, which will be held for the first time outside of Europe and Asia since 1939.

Japan team with Tomokazu Harimoto and Mima Ito at Houson WTTC 2021
Japan team with Tomokazu Harimoto and Mima Ito at Houson WTTC 2021
  • Tomokazu Harimoto
  • Koki Niwa
  • Yukiya Uda
  • Masataka Morizono
  • Shunsuke Togami
  • Mima Ito
  • Kasumi Ishikawa
  • Miu Hirano
  • Hina Hayata
  • Saki Shibata

Will Japan defeat China this time?

The following are the main questions for the Japan Team:

  • Will world number three Mima Ito be able to build on her previous victories at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
  • Is Harimoto, an 18-year-old wunderkind, poised to surprise the world once more with his exploits at the tables?
  • Can Kasumi Ishikawa carry the Japanese flag high after the recent Olympic Games?

Before the departure, Tomokazu Harimoto and other players accepted a media interview. The teenager expressed his hope that the first goal is to get a medal.

tomokazu harimoto
tomokazu harimoto

Tomokazu Harimoto said that

“I will try to win both 3 medals at this WTTC”. Koki Niwa expressed that he will try to reach the top 4 men’s single event.

From the perspective of overall strength, Mima Ito is currently the No. 1 main force in Japanese women’s table tennis. At this World Table Tennis Championships, she will participate in both women’s singles and women’s doubles.

mima ito
mima ito

Mima Ito said: “I was very happy in training this time. I believe that I am stronger than I was in the Olympics. I really look forward to the competition.”

miu hirano
miu hirano
koki niwa
koki niwa
Kasumi Ishikawa
Kasumi Ishikawa
Hina Hayata
Hina Hayata

Ishikawa emphasized that facing the first international competition after the Olympics, she was nervous and looking forward to it, hoping that she could achieve good results. Hirano Miu pointed out that she is very happy to be able to participate in the competition and hopes to show advanced technical skills.

Team Japan is very motivated to win the Gold medal this time.

Japan Team is ready at this Houston WTTC 2021 - a very strong nation in table tennis
Japan Team is ready at this Houston WTTC 2021 – a very strong nation in table tennis

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