Ma Long, Xu Xin at WTT Grand Smash Singapore 2022

Ma Long Xu Xin WTT

WTT Singapore Grand Smash singles champion will be directly connected to the National Table Tennis Asian Games lineup. Today, the first WTT Grand Smash qualifying tournament in Singapore officially started. The Chinese Table Tennis Association released a draft of the selection method for the Asian Games of the table tennis event on its official website. … Read more


Where to buy real Double Happiness DHS products

Some real DHS products

In the previous article, we have talked about the National version of Hurricane 3. I recommend you just buy a normal version, which is much cheaper. Today, I will share with you my experiences of buying real and legit Double Happiness products. There are many fake DHS products But a problem with Chinese rubbers is … Read more


Xu Xin’s childhood, wife and family

Xu Xin proposes to long time girlfriend Yao Yan in Shanghai

I have talked about the equipment and the playing style of Xu Xin. Because Xu Xin is my favorite player, now let’s learn about his childhood, family, and national career. Xu Xin is the best penholder of the Chinese national table tennis team. Xu Xin’s childhood In 1990, Xu Xin was born into a cadre … Read more


Chinese national table tennis team (Full list)

China Team is too good at table tennis

About Chinese National Team China national table tennis team is founded in 1952. China Team is considered the best team in the world. With 4 Male Grand Slams (Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long), and 5 Female Grand Slams (Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, and Ding Ning), Chinese are … Read more


Table tennis exhibition show between Ma Long and Xu Xin

Ma Long Xu Xin exhibition 2021

This is the exhibition show between Ma Long and Xu Xin during the Hong Kong visit trip. Hong Kong visit table tennis show In the press conference on Dec 3, Ma Long said table tennis Team China and Team Hong Kong have a good friendship. At Tokyo Olympics Games, Team Hong Kong rooted for them … Read more


Ma Long makes an international comeback 2022

Ma Long comes back January 2022

Ma Long, a legend in China, did not play in the World Cup in Houston. Now, the Tokyo Olympic gold champion is making a comeback on the international stage. Ma Long will return in January 2022 The 33-year-old is one of the elite athletes competing in the WTT Champions Macao 2021 Stars of China, which … Read more


10 table tennis tips for advanced players

table tennis tips for advanced players

Advanced players are not the same as for beginners. Advanced players know how to spin and perform good strokes. However, here are some best tips for advanced players to improve further to the next level. I have explained some coaching tips for beginners here. Here are some more tips for advanced players. There are 10 … Read more


Why Ma Long withdrawn WTTC 2021?

Ma Long withdrew from 2021 World Championships

Ma Long and Xu Xin will not participate in the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships 2021. WTTC 2021 will be hosted in Houston This is the semi-final match in the Chinese Warm-up for the Houston WTTC. Ma Long just has fun. He didn’t even try hard to play. Because he withdrew from the 2021 … Read more


Why China lost to Japan in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Why Xu Xin Liu Shiwen lost

Tonight, this is the first time that coach Ma Lin is seen so sad. Coach Liu Guoliang is so silent. 5 years of hard training. Tonight, Mima Ito is so happy. Olympic history made. Jun Mizutani & Mima Ito claim Japan’s first-ever Gold medal for the mixed double in table tennis on home soil. The … Read more


How to win with your playing style

win with your playing style

Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. Today, let’s learn about “How to win with your playing style” with coach Liu Guoliang, one of the best table tennis coaches. Coach Liu is considered one of the best coaches about the playing style, practical situations, and tactical advice. In general, there are 3 types of coach: technique coaching, … Read more


Who will play in Tokyo Olympics 2021 for China Team

Which chinese players will play in Tokyo 2021 ?

The Tokyo Olympics will begin very soon, about in the next 2 months. And today, we have an official announcement of CTTA (Chinese Table Tennis Association). Who will play in the Tokyo Olympics? Who will represent the Chinese Table Tennis Team in the Tokyo Olympics 2021? How many Gold medals in table tennis? The Tokyo … Read more