How to play against a very strong backhand player

backhand to backhand attacking style

Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. Today, let’s learn the backhand-to-backhand counter training session of Ma Long.He is playing with Xu Chenhao.Backhand to backhand styleXu Chenhao has a very powerful and quick backhand attack. It seems that Ma Long lost many points against the backhand of Xu Chenhao.What is the solution of Ma Long? To avoid … Read more


Xu Chenhao playing style and equipment

Xu Chenhao - Chinese National players

Xu Chenhao is a Chinese table tennis player who was born on March 29, 1995, in Beijing. A two-time junior world champion in team and men’s doubles, as well as a bronze medalist in the individual events, he was also a two-time junior world champion in 2012.His Chinese name is: 徐晨皓BiographyFull nameXu ChenhaoNationalityChinaBorn29 March 1995 (age 26)ChinaPlaying … Read more


Xu Chenhao illegal serve (study case)

Xu Chenhao illegal serve study case

Today, let’s analyze the serve of Xu Chenhao.Closed training of China Team before Tokyo OlympicsJust after the Chinese Trial (Second Leg), the China National Team has arrived in Weihai today (Monday 31 May 2021).A new phase of closed training is about to begin.​​​​ Closed training is very important. This is the final stage before going … Read more