When Wang Hao plays with provincial player

Wang Hao - the best penholder

Wang Hao (National player) vs provincial player. Wang Hao is retired Wang Hao is retired from the international competition. He is now the personal coach of Fan Zhendong. Wang Hao has fun with provincial player Wang Hao is still very strong. He can defeated the top provincial player. Wang Hao still get it! He has … Read more


When is Ma Long’s career starting to bright

Ma Long is now becoming the best player

When did Ma Long reach his prime? Ma Long is no doubt the best player in the world. However, when did his career become the prime leader? When is Ma Long’s career starting to bright? The day, when Ma Long started his official brightest table tennis career. The day when the leader prime of Ma … Read more


Chinese national table tennis team (Full list)

China Team is too good at table tennis

About Chinese National Team China national table tennis team is founded in 1952. China Team is considered the best team in the world. With 4 Male Grand Slams (Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long), and 5 Female Grand Slams (Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, and Ding Ning), Chinese are … Read more


How to forehand counter-topspin in table tennis?

forehand counter topspin with coach Wang Hao

How to forehand counter-topspin in table tennis? Dear table tennis coach and player, today let’s talk about the forehand counter-topspin in table tennis. Many players think that this technique is very difficult. I don’t think so. When you master the forehand topspin skill and the timing, then you can do the forehand counter-topspin easily. In … Read more