Modern Trend In Table Tennis [Updated]

tomokazu harimoto and his father also his coach

Many table tennis enthusiasts know that table tennis has four principles: spin, speed, power, and placement. A sport like table tennis can have a lot of different playing styles. But which playing style is a trend nowadays? What is the new trend in table tennis? The trend has shifted more from ‘steady and powerful attack’ … Read more


New Trend (Part 2): Harimoto Tomokazu big success

Tomokazu Harimoto New Trends in Table Tennis

Welcome back! The weekend is coming. And PingSunday is back. Today, we will talk about the “New Trend in Table Tennis”, part 2. The success of Harimoto Tomokazu. As a table tennis player, have you well prepared for this new trend? Harimoto Tomokazu has changed his equipment to adapt to this trend. Harimoto Tomokazu is … Read more