Why Zhang Jike did not participate in the Tokyo Olympics

Zhang Jike during an exhibition match 2021

When it comes to Zhang Jike, I believe everyone is familiar with this name. The most outstanding of the global table tennis, Grand Slam players, completed the Grand Slam in just 445 days, creating an almost unheard record. So, why didn’t Zhang Jike compete in the Olympics in Tokyo? Is Zhang Jike truly expelled from … Read more

China Team is quarantined 21 days after the Tokyo Olympics

Djokovic and Ma Long at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Olympics is ended. Chinese table tennis team left Japan for China. A 21-day quarantine will be required. China test is very strict In China, they are super strict. Even if you have a negative covid test you have to quarantine still. Chinese table tennis team is quarantined after Tokyo Olympics. China takes pandemic control … Read more

Why Ma Long is so strong in Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Ma Long is so strong

Why Ma Long is so strong in Tokyo Olympics 2020? Let’s analyze Ma Long’s performance in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Ma Long is the best table tennis player You have the answer. The answer to this question is “Who is the best table tennis player of all time?” Some players will say. It’s Zhang Jike. It’s … Read more