Kasumi Ishikawa’s deceptive pendulum serve

Kasumi Ishikawa has a great forehand serve

Kasumi Ishikawa practices her pendulum serve. She has a very dangerous and deceptive serve. The pro player has a very good feeling. They can change the type of serve at the last moment. Forehand pendulum serve Pendulum serve is the most effective serve in table tennis. The best set up serve is the pendulum serve … Read more


Chinese forehand technique with sidespin

use center of gravity to generate force

Chinese forehand technique with sidespin. Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. Today, we will learn the Chinese forehand technique with sidespin. The Chinese national coach as confirmed that: 1. Add sidespin in your forehand attack When you add side spin to your forehand attack, it will be harder for the opponent to block. Because the ball … Read more


Understand the principle of forehand pendulum serve

Forehand pendulum serve tutorial

Today, we will learn one of the most common serves in table tennis “the forehand pendulum serve”. This service is so popular because with slight adjustments it can make underspin, sidespin, topspin, or no-spin, while the stroke will look quite similar. This service is used to put pressure on the opponent. What is the pendulum serve? … Read more