How to practice table tennis serve like a pro

Fan Zhendong uses the same motion

How to practice table tennis serve like a pro. Hello, welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. I’m EmRatThich. Table tennis serve is the most important technique in table tennis. Because it is the only shot that you can control. Here is how the top Chinese table tennis players, Lin Gaoyuan … Read more


Is Timo Boll serve legal? analyzed with TTR

TTR ball tracking used by ITTF

Is Timo Boll’s service legal or not legal? Let’s analyze the serve of Timo Boll with the ball-tracking technology in table tennis. It’s used in table tennis as the TTR review system. Ball tracking technology The ITTF adopted the video table tennis refereeing (TTR) proposal at its meeting on November 27, 2021, in Houston, Texas, giving players … Read more


04 basic table tennis techniques that you should learn

04 basic table tennis techniques which are very important

There are four basic techniques that table tennis players must learn and practice to improve their level: a good serve, a good return of serve, a good backhand, and a good forehand. Four basic table tennis techniques Table tennis is a very difficult sport that demands both mental and physical skills to master. Even the … Read more


How professional players serve in table tennis?

the serve of the professional table tennis player

Hello table tennis players and coaches, today let’s talk about the serve of the professional players. I’m EmRatThich. Simon Gauzy is one of the best French table tennis players. Emmanuel Lebesson is a player who has a very powerful forehand attack. The secret of the professional serve At the real speed, we don’t know why … Read more


Dirty serve in table tennis (study case)

dirty serve in table tennis

In the previous article, I’ve explained a showcase that Pistel has served when the opponent was not ready. He served when Fan Zhendong was not ready. Serve when the opponent was not ready Some players don’t agree with me. I understand your opinion. But I’ve seen another case that Pistel has behaved unprofessionally, unsportsmanlike. It’s … Read more


Xu Chenhao illegal serve (study case)

Xu Chenhao illegal serve study case

Today, let’s analyze the serve of Xu Chenhao. Closed training of China Team before Tokyo Olympics Just after the Chinese Trial (Second Leg), the China National Team has arrived in Weihai today (Monday 31 May 2021). A new phase of closed training is about to begin.​​​​ Closed training is very important. This is the final … Read more


Understand the principle of forehand pendulum serve

Forehand pendulum serve tutorial

Today, we will learn one of the most common serves in table tennis “the forehand pendulum serve”. This service is so popular because with slight adjustments it can make underspin, sidespin, topspin, or no-spin, while the stroke will look quite similar. This service is used to put pressure on the opponent. What is the pendulum serve? … Read more