Let’s throw the racket

let's throw the racket

Some players tend to throw the racket when they are angry. This is the parody song to remind you that: Please respect your opponent Control your temper Here is the example of Truls Moregard. Parody song of table tennis Let's throw the racketWatch this video on YouTubeWatch this video. This is PingSunday. Let’s make some … Read more


The top 10 most basic rule in table tennis

top 10 official rules in table tennis

Let us help you resolve those garage or workplace conflicts by using the Official Table Tennis Rules. Coach EmRatThich resumes the most basic rules in table tennis with the official ITTF regulations. This list is not comprehensive, but these are frequent areas of disagreement among players. These official table tennis regulations can help you keep … Read more


New colors for table tennis rubbers

Which Colour Choose Table Tennis

New colors for table tennis rubbers are available: Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple. You also have red and black. Recently, there are some changes in table tennis equipment rules. Some players love this change, but others seem doesn’t like it. What rubber colors are allowed in table tennis before 2021? As you know, since the … Read more


Table Tennis Scoring: Why 0 is called “Love”?

Why is the score 0-0 called Love All in table tennis

In football, the score of 0 is called “Nil”. For example, when England beats France 2-0, it’s called “Two-nil”, but not “Two-Love”. But in table tennis, or in other racquet games (like tennis), the score is called “Love”. Why? What is the table tennis scoring system? Table tennis rules state that a player can win … Read more