Top 10 Best Backhand Rubbers of All Time

best table tennis rubbers for backhand side

What is the best table tennis rubber for modern table tennis? Choosing the backhand rubber is not the same as forehand rubber? There are common questions that many new players asked me. So today I will try to explain how to buy a perfect table tennis rubber for your backhand. This buying guide is updated … Read more


Stiga Cybershape Carbon – An honest review

Review the Stiga Cybershape Carbon (2)

Should you buy the Stiga Cybershape carbon blade? Coach EmRatThich reveals the secret of this blade. Let’s analyze the blade with me. In the previous video, Stiga Cybershape, part 1, we have talked about the possible advantages of this blade. These advantages are claimed by Stiga. Are they true? Some players said that this is … Read more


Some advantages by using STIGA Cybershape Carbon

Some possible advantages of Stiga Cybershape

Is Stiga Cybershape carbon a good blade? Let’s review some advantages of this new blade with coach EmRatThich. I have personally unboxed and reviewed this blade. Cybershape is a very good blade however, there are still some drawbacks. STIGA Cybershape Carbon Stiga has made a game-changer in table tennis. They just released the new blade … Read more