Koki Niwa officially announced his retirement

Koki Niwa - happy retirement

Koki Niwa is one of the best entertainers in table tennis. His playing style is amazing. Koki Niwa officially announced his retirement Koki Niwa announced his retirement today (09 November 2022) on Twitter. Niwa said: “After the Tokyo Olympics, I wanted to support the next generation.” Niwa: “I spent half my time on the Japanese … Read more


Why Xu Xin are not selected for WTTTC 2022

goodbye Xu Xin - retirement

The reason why Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen lost the election for WTTTC 2022 Chengdu. The reason why Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen lost the election has been revealed! Table Tennis Association leaders explained that they did not even qualify for the trials. The Chinese Table Tennis Association announced how team members for the 2022 … Read more


MIZUTANI Jun is officially retired

Gold medallist Jun Mizutani has called time on his magical career

When it was announced that her Olympic Mixed Doubles partner Jun Mizutani will be retiring, Mima Ito had some kind words to share. Mima Ito is so sad Table Tennis legend Jun Mizutani has announced his retirement. Jun Mizutani, one of Japan’s greatest table tennis players, has announced his retirement from international competition. On February … Read more


Vladimir Samsonov equipment and profile

After 25 years at the top of the world - he is retired

Professional table tennis player Vladimir Samsonov originates from Belarus. Because of his excellent offensive and defensive techniques, he is referred to as the “Tai Chi Master” in China. Six successive Olympic appearances from 1996 to 2016 witnessed Samsonov finish in the top four in 2000 and 2016. Vladimir Samsonov is retired Samsonov has announced his … Read more


Ma Long makes an international comeback 2022

Ma Long comes back January 2022

Ma Long, a legend in China, did not play in the World Cup in Houston. Now, the Tokyo Olympic gold champion is making a comeback on the international stage. Ma Long will return in January 2022 The 33-year-old is one of the elite athletes competing in the WTT Champions Macao 2021 Stars of China, which … Read more


Vladimir Samsonov has announced his retirement

Vladimir Samsonov retire

Vladimir Samsonov has announced his retirement. The 45-year-old Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus announced his retirement from competitive table tennis on July 2021. He is the only player to win the Champions League tournament three times in a row. A twenty-year veteran of the European elite, he is an enormous champion. A legend of table tennis … Read more


Ding Ning announced her retirement officially

ding ning retired

In the previous post, we know that Ding Ning has planned to retire. Today, she announced her retirement officially. Ding Ning “the student” The legendary “queen of heart” is now officially retired. She will end her table tennis career. In her own words “I’m no longer “Ding Ning the athlete” but “Ding Ning, the student”. … Read more


Jun Mizutani announced his retirement

jun mizutani retired

Jun Mizutani’s retirement announcement, the reason is poor eyesight. He said, “Completely away from table tennis”. Goodbye Jun Mizutani. Jun Mizutani retired just after the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Six table tennis medalists, including Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito, who won the first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics mixed table tennis doubles, held a press … Read more


Ding Ning activities after retirement

ding ning

Ding Ning has retired. She has chosen to follow the Master’s degree at Peking University. She has stopped playing table tennis professionally. But Ding Ning always loves table tennis. She enjoys table tennis so much. Ding Ning’s activities after her retirement Yesterday, 5 June 2021, Ding Ning came to the village primary school. She gave … Read more