Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 for table tennis

cybermonday sales 021

Every year, near the Christmas season, there is a huge discount on table tennis equipment (robots, racket, T-Shirt, etc). Each year, I have shared my favorite discount on my blog – pingsunday. Here are the best promotion, price reductions for this year 2021. You should also the best deal for last year, sometimes these shops … Read more


Exogun Review – excellent therapy device to reduce muscle soreness

Exogun Review - Therapy Device

Many table tennis players asked me the same question: “Dear coach EmRatThich, do you know a tool to recover the muscle faster after intense training, or an intense match?” Here you are. I’ve found an answer for you: Exogun products: excellent therapy device to reduce muscle soreness Muscle pain and injury – Why do we … Read more