How to apply power from the ground to backhand side

Generate the power by using your legs for the forehand

Hello, Welcome back to PingSunday, I’m EmRatThich. How to apply the Power From The Ground concept for the backhand topspin? What is Power From the Ground? “Power from the ground” is a very famous concept in table tennis. It’s the way to generate the power, by using the legs. How to apply this concept? Philipp … Read more


How to increase the power of your forehand topspin

how to maximize the forehand power in table tennis

How To Maximize the Forehand Power in table tennis? How to increase the power of your forehand topspin? Powerful forehand technique Chinese table tennis players have a very powerful forehand technique. But why? I’ve explained this to you in the previous video. That you should use your wrist during the forehand topspin. You can search … Read more