Alexis Lebrun’s interview: France will get the Olympics medals

Alexis Lebrun defeated 4-0 Simon Gauzy (7)

The Paris 2024 Olympics will start very soon. And Alexis Lebrun and Félix Lebrun are the 2 new hopes for team France table tennis. Today, we will have an interview with Alexis Lebrun, what he is aiming for during the very hard training session in Montpelier table tennis club.Currently injured, Alexis Lebrun is preparing his … Read more


When is Ma Long’s career starting to bright

Ma Long is now becoming the best player

When did Ma Long reach his prime?Ma Long is no doubt the best player in the world. However, when did his career become the prime leader? When is Ma Long’s career starting to bright? The day, when Ma Long started his official brightest table tennis career. The day when the leader prime of Ma Long … Read more


The hardest match of Ma Long

The match that Ma Long never forgets

The game that Ma Long never forgets.Ma Long vs Jeoung Young-sikThis is the most thrilling battle of Ma Long. The South Korean coaches have studied Ma Long’s game several months before this battle.Coach Liu Guoliang has consumed a lot of energy for this battle. Noone can assure 100% win in table tennis, especially for the … Read more


Why China lost to Japan in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Why Xu Xin Liu Shiwen lost

Tonight, this is the first time that coach Ma Lin is seen so sad. Coach Liu Guoliang is so silent. 5 years of hard training.Tonight, Mima Ito is so happy. Olympic history made. Jun Mizutani & Mima Ito claim Japan’s first-ever Gold medal for the mixed double in table tennis on home soil.The dream of … Read more


Tokyo Olympics will be the hardest Olympics ever

very difficult Olympics in Tokyo

The Tokyo Olympics will be the hardest Olympics ever for the China Team.The Hardest Olympics EverThe Chinese coaches are very stressed!Welcome back to PingSunday. Table Tennis tutorial every Sunday. Today, I will answer many of your questions like:Why Xu Xin is not selected for the Men Single?Why Zhou Qihao is not selected to go to … Read more


Who will play in Tokyo Olympics 2021 for China Team

Which chinese players will play in Tokyo 2021 ?

The Tokyo Olympics will begin very soon, about in the next 2 months.And today, we have an official announcement of CTTA (Chinese Table Tennis Association). Who will play in the Tokyo Olympics?Who will represent the Chinese Table Tennis Team in the Tokyo Olympics 2021?How many Gold medals in table tennis?The Tokyo Olympics will happen from … Read more


Will Xu Xin play in this Tokyo Olympics?

Will Xu Xin play in this Tokyo Olympics 2021

Will Xu Xin play in this Tokyo Olympics? This is the main question that many players asked.Xu Xin Liu Shiwen failed at Chinese Trial 2021In this Olympic simulation competition, Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen failed to enter the semi-finals of mixed doubles. This made people somewhat worried. Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, said: … Read more