05 Simple Doubles Tactics in Table Tennis

simple double tactics in table tennis

Many players asked me about the tactics in Double Games. Here are the 5 simple but very effective tactics for Double Game in table tennis. Playing Doubles demands quickness and understanding. You need a right footwork pattern to move. Normally, one player will play further from the table, and another player will stay close to … Read more


The most basic rule in table tennis for double games

official rules for doubles table tennis

I have explained the most basic table tennis rules for the 1v1 competition. Today, let’s talk about the most basic rule in table tennis for double games (2v2). 01 Serving in double must go right court In the server’s right court, the serve must bounce. Service must be diagonal. (NOTE: landing on centerline is fair). … Read more


Why China lost to Japan in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Why Xu Xin Liu Shiwen lost

Tonight, this is the first time that coach Ma Lin is seen so sad. Coach Liu Guoliang is so silent. 5 years of hard training. Tonight, Mima Ito is so happy. Olympic history made. Jun Mizutani & Mima Ito claim Japan’s first-ever Gold medal for the mixed double in table tennis on home soil. The … Read more