Hayata Hina equipment and playing style

equipment of Hayata Hina

Hayata Hina is a Japanese table tennis player. Six-time winner of the world championships, silver medalist of the team World Cup (2018) and bronze medalist of the WTT Cup Finals-2021 in singles. In Japan, she was recognized by the Japan Association as one of the “Golden Generation of 2000” along with Mima Ito and Miu … Read more


MIZUTANI Jun is officially retired

Gold medallist Jun Mizutani has called time on his magical career

When it was announced that her Olympic Mixed Doubles partner Jun Mizutani will be retiring, Mima Ito had some kind words to share. Mima Ito is so sad Table Tennis legend Jun Mizutani has announced his retirement. Jun Mizutani, one of Japan’s greatest table tennis players, has announced his retirement from international competition. On February … Read more


ITO Mima and HAYATA Hina at WTTC 2021

ITO Mima (JPN)_HAYATA Hina (JPN) at Houston WTTC 2021 (4)

Women’s world champions are both old and fresh at the same time. This year’s World Cup final between Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu was an easy victory for the reigning champions, as they won in three sets. After a hard-fought first round, China’s path to triumph had already been established when the Japanese could not … Read more


Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs Mima Ito (Men vs Women)

mima ito vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov

大家好 (hello everybody), I’m EmRatThich. Today let’s analyze the playing style of the male table tennis players and the female table tennis player. Fan Zhendong vs Chen Meng As you have seen in the previous video, that female players can defeat male players. Fan Zhendong lost to Chen Meng. This is not the first time … Read more


What is the weakness of Mima Ito?

Ito Mima weakness and playing style

Mima Ito is a wonderful player in this Tokyo Olympics 2020. Chinese coach pointed out Mima Ito’s weakness Here is her reaction, when she is asked about a high table tennis prize? Chinese coach pointed out Mima Ito’s weakness. Coach Liu Guoliang pointed out the weakness of Mima Ito. Coach Liu explained how to beat … Read more


Why China lost to Japan in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Why Xu Xin Liu Shiwen lost

Tonight, this is the first time that coach Ma Lin is seen so sad. Coach Liu Guoliang is so silent. 5 years of hard training. Tonight, Mima Ito is so happy. Olympic history made. Jun Mizutani & Mima Ito claim Japan’s first-ever Gold medal for the mixed double in table tennis on home soil. The … Read more