Liu Shiwen equipment and playing style

Liu Shiwen

Liu Shiwen is one the most famous female table tennis players. Today, coach EmRatThich explains her playing style and her equipment. About Liu Shiwen Liu Shiwen is the best female table tennis player from China. She was the leader of the Chinese Women Team, with the same generation of Ding Ning. Liu Shiwen has won … Read more


Who has won the most titles in table tennis

Ma Long - Im the number 1

Who has won the most titles in table tennis? Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. Today let’s review the players who has won the most titles in table tennis with coach EmRatThich. Who won the most world table tennis championships? It is Ma Long. He has won 24 times the World table tennis championships. Ma Long … Read more


Why Xu Xin are not selected for WTTTC 2022

goodbye Xu Xin - retirement

The reason why Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen lost the election for WTTTC 2022 Chengdu. The reason why Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen lost the election has been revealed! Table Tennis Association leaders explained that they did not even qualify for the trials. The Chinese Table Tennis Association announced how team members for the 2022 … Read more


Why Ma Long withdrawn WTTC 2021?

Ma Long withdrew from 2021 World Championships

Ma Long and Xu Xin will not participate in the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships 2021. WTTC 2021 will be hosted in Houston This is the semi-final match in the Chinese Warm-up for the Houston WTTC. Ma Long just has fun. He didn’t even try hard to play. Because he withdrew from the 2021 … Read more


Why China lost to Japan in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Why Xu Xin Liu Shiwen lost

Tonight, this is the first time that coach Ma Lin is seen so sad. Coach Liu Guoliang is so silent. 5 years of hard training. Tonight, Mima Ito is so happy. Olympic history made. Jun Mizutani & Mima Ito claim Japan’s first-ever Gold medal for the mixed double in table tennis on home soil. The … Read more