Lin Gaoyuan equipment and playing style

Lin Gaoyuan backhand flick

Lin Gaoyuan equipment and playing style. Lin Gaoyuan is sponsored by Butterfly, so his equipment is from Butterfly (his forehand rubber is from DHS).About Lin GaoyuanLin Gaoyuan was born March 1995 in Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Lin Gaoyuan started table tennis at 4. Lin Gaoyuan began table tennis training at five. Lin Gaoyuan … Read more


Zhou Qihao equipment and playing style

zhou qihao equipment

Many players asked me about the equipment of Zhou Qihao. And today, I will answer you. Not only show you his equipment, but also I want to explain why he choose this equipment. Because when we talk about the equipment, we should understand the playing style. Each playing style has a different type of equipment.Who … Read more