Kasumi Ishikawa’s deceptive pendulum serve

Kasumi Ishikawa has a great forehand serve

Kasumi Ishikawa practices her pendulum serve.She has a very dangerous and deceptive serve. The pro player has a very good feeling. They can change the type of serve at the last moment.Forehand pendulum servePendulum serve is the most effective serve in table tennis. The best set up serve is the pendulum serve of Ma Long.Fast … Read more


Hayata Hina equipment and playing style

equipment of Hayata Hina

Hayata Hina is a Japanese table tennis player. Six-time winner of the world championships, silver medalist of the team World Cup (2018) and bronze medalist of the WTT Cup Finals-2021 in singles.In Japan, she was recognized by the Japan Association as one of the “Golden Generation of 2000” along with Mima Ito and Miu Hirano.BiographySilver … Read more