Swedish table tennis becomes stronger than ever

World Championships Men's Doubles crown

Sweden will have three aces in their quest for gold in two events at the World Championships final in Huston tomorrow. Truls MOREGARD, 19, will compete in the Men’s Singles final, while Mattias FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON will compete in the Men’s Doubles. Is table tennis popular in Sweden? Yes, it’s a popular sport here…

Truls Möregardh personal life and training

Truls Möregardh personal life and training

What is Truls Moregardh’s personal life? And how did he train to become a world-class player? Truls Möregardh’s life revolves around the competition. He’s quite good at adapting to new situations and people. During training, he stays laser-focused and unflappable. His playing style and his equipment are modern styles. Table tennis is Truls Möregrdh’s life…

Who is the best player in table tennis?

4 grand slams in table tennis, Ma Long is the 5th

Who are the greatest table tennis players? A very good question. And maybe the World Number 1 table tennis player on the current ITTF World Ranking is the best player? Today, let’s answer who is the most successful table tennis of all time. Grand slam players The best players in table tennis should win the Grand…